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Call Name and Designator Abbreviations

Rich Reel   14 Oct 2012
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Note:   These abbreviations are modeled after Callerlab nomenclature but are not recognized by Callerlab

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About this notation Designators Punctuation Formation and Arrangement

Call Names

   designator (shown seperataly - see Designators)
   /   call name
  /   /
 ==-----  ------------------------description------------------------
   &Roll  (Anything) and Roll
   &Sprd  (Anything) and Spread
   1L.2R  First Couple Go Left, Next Go Right
   1L.2L  First Couple Go Left, Next Go LEFT (gimmick)
   1R.2L  First Couple Go RIGHT, Next Go Left
   1R.2R  First Couple Go RIGHT, Next Go RIGHT (gimmick)
   1-1/2  do previous call once and a half - for SwThr say "3 hands"
   1/2of- do one-half of the following call
   1/2.C  1/2 (All 8) Circulate
   1/2Tg  1/2 Tag
   1/4Mr  And a Quarter More (Courtesy Turn an extra quarter)  (NOL)
   2LChn  2 Ladies Chain Across
   2LCh3  (from [SS]) designated 2 Ladies Chain 3/4
   3/4Tg  3/4 Tag The Line
   3X     3 Times - do the previous call a total of three (3) times
   4Cir1  4 dancers Join Hands, Circle Left 1/4
   4Cir2     "                              Half-way
   4Cir3     "                              3/4  (1/2 and 1/4 more)
   4LCh3  4 Ladies Chain 3/4
   4LChn  4 Ladies Chain Across
   8Chn#  Eight Chain (# = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
   8ChTh  Eight Chain Thru
 A-Scoot  Scoot Back from [Q]
 A-Scoot  Everyone Scoot Back from [C] (was Triple Scoot)
 A8SpTop  All 8 Spin the Top
   A8Cir  All 8 Circulate
   AcDcy  Acey Deucey
   AL     Allemande Left
   Alamo  In The Alamo Style / Make an Alamo Wave (Alamo Ring)
   ALIAS  Allemande Left In The Alamo Style
   ALTAT  Allemande Left (Forward 2) To An Allemande Thar
   AR     Allemande Right (no longer on the list - use RArmT or TrnTh)
   Arch   designated dancers make an arch  (NOL)
   AThar  Make An Allemande Thar
   B      Boy
   BL.GR  Boy(s) Go Left, Girl(s) Go Right  (variation)
   BL.GL  Boy(s) Go Left, Girl(s) Go LEFT
   BR.GL  Boy(s) Go RIGHT, Girl(s) Go Left
   BR.GR  Boy(s) Go RIGHT, Girl(s) Go RIGHT
   Balnc  Balance (in Wave or Alamo Wave)
   BendL  Bend the Line
   Bk2Bk  designated "In The Center Back To Back"  (NOL)
   BkAwy  Back Away
   BkTrk  Back Track
   BxCir  {designated} Box Circulate
   BW.GD  Boy Walk, Girl Dodge
   BxGnt  Box the Gnat
   Ca1/4  Cast Off 1/4  (extention)
   Ca1/2  Cast Off 1/2  (extention)
   Ca3/4  Cast Off 3/4
   CalTw  California Twirl
   ChasR  Chase Right
   ChDTL  Chain Down the Line
   ChgHn  Change (Switch) Hands  (NOL)
   Cir    {designated} Circulate
   Cir2   {designated} Circulate 2 spots (Circulate Twice)
   Cir2L  Circle to a Line
   CirL   Circle Left
   CirR   Circle Right
   Clovr  Cloverleaf
   Col.C  Column Circulate
   ComIn  Come In To (Down) The Middle  (after SepA1, SepA2, Sp2A1)
   Coord  Coordinate
   Cpl.C  Couples Circulate
   Cpl.H  Couples Hinge
   Cpl.T  Couples Trade
   CtrIn  (Put) Centers In
   CtrOu  (Put) Centers Out  (gimmick)
   CtsyT  Courtesy Turn
   Cut.D  Cut the Diamond
   D.Cir  Diamond Circulate
   Divid  Divide  (NOL - but still used occasionally)
   DivTh  Dive Thru
   DixiG  Dixie Grand
   DixiS  Dixie Style to a Wave
   DontS  Don't Stop, Keep Walking - after Prom - alert for WhlAr
   DoPas  Do Paso
   DoSaD  Do Sa Do / Do Si Do / Do Ci Do
   DPT    Double Pass Thru
   DTrak  On the double track (Single File)
   Expl&  Explode And (anything)
   ExpWv  Explode the Wave
   Ext    Extend (The Tag)  at Mainstream: from [Q] to [W] only
   Ext    Extend (The Tag)  at Plus: also from [W] to [R]
   FaceI  Face In
   FaceL  Face Left
   FaceO  Face Out
   FaceR  Face Right
   FanTp  Fan the Top
   Feris  Ferris Wheel
   FlipD  Flip the Diamond
   FLNR   (old notation - see 1L.2R)
   FlutW  Flutter Wheel
   Fold   Fold
   FullT  A Full Turn  (usually after Courtesy Turn or any Arm Turn)
   Fwd2   Go Forward Two
   Fwd3   Go Forward Three  (extention)
   FwdBk  Forward and Back
   FYNbr  Follow Your Neighbor
   G      Girl
   GL.BR  Girl(s) Go Left, Boy(s) Go Right  (variations)
   GL.BL  Girl(s) Go Left, Boy(s) Go LEFT
   GR.BL  Girl(s) Go RIGHT, Boy(s) Go Left
   GR.BR  Girl(s) Go RIGHT, Boy(s) Go RIGHT
   GLSwT  Grand Left Swing Thru  (also Left Grand Swing Thru)
   GrSwT  Grand Swing Thru
   GW.BD  Girl Walk, Boy Dodge
   Hinge  {designated} Hinge  (prefer SHing if designating all)
   HSash  Half Sashay
 H-TeaCC  Head Ladies Center Tea Cup Chain
   L      Left
   L-H    Left hand
   L12Tg  Left Half Tag (The Line)
   L34Tg  Left 3/4 Tag (The Line)
   LA     Left Alamande (Alamande Left)
   LArmT  Left Arm Turn (half unless otherwise designated)
   LChas  Left Chase  (do NOT call Chase Left)
   LeadL  Lead Left
   LeadR  Lead Right
   LGSwT  Left Grand Swing Thru  (also Grand Left Swing Thru)
   LHing  (with the) Left Hand (Single) Hinge  (Hinge by the Left)
   LnCyc  Linear Cycle
   LoadB  Load the Boat
   L.PBy  Left Pull By  (in ring: "pull her by")
   LSqT#  Left Square Thru (# = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
   LSqT@# Left Square Thru, But On The # Hand  (# = 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)
   LSqTh  Left Square Thru (4)
   LStar  Left-hand Star  (also StarL)
   LSwTh  Left Swing Thru
   LT1/4  Left Touch 1/4
   LTag   Left Tag the Line
   LTrnT  Left Turn Thru
   LyIMS  Ladies In And The Men Sashay
   MkWav  Make A Wave - see StepW
   MoveA  Move Along  (NOL)
   MovOn  Move On for multi square choreography  (NOL)
   NOL    Not on Callerlab list of calls - still used occasionaly
   Now!   "Now!" - everyone spin around once in place
   Pass1  Pass One  (Pass by 1, Pass 1 by, Skip 1)
   PasTh  Pass Thru
   PeelO  Peel Off
   PeelT  Peel the Top
   PingP  Ping Pong Circulate
   Pr.SF  Promenade Single File
   Pr1/2  Promenade Half Way Around
   Pr3/4  Promenade 3/4
   Pr4/4  Promenade All The Way Around
   Prom   Promenade (Home)
   PromH  Promenade Home
   PromI  Promenade Inside
   PromO  Promenade Outside
   PsOcn  Pass the Ocean
   PsTTC  Pass to the Center
   PtTrd  Partner Trade  (when those trading are facing same direction)
   R      Right
   R-H    Right hand
   RArmT  Right Arm Turn (half unless otherwise designated)
   RearB  Rear Back (from a wave)
   Recyc  Recycle
   ReDcy  Relay the Deucey
   RLG    Right and Left Grand
   RLG@#  Right And Left Grand But On The # Hand  (# = 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
   RLT    Right and Left Thru
   RolB1  Roll Back One (from Promenade)  (NOL)
   Roll   {designated} Roll  (use &Roll if everyone can Roll)
   RollA  Roll Away (with a Half Sashay)
   RolPr  Roll Promenade
   R.PBy  Right Pull By  (in ring: "pull her by")
   RStar  Right-hand Star  (also StarR)
   Run    {designated} Run
   RunR   {designated} Run Right
   RunL   {designated} Run Left
   RvFlt  Reverse Flutter Wheel
   SCir3  Single Circle 3/4 To An Ocean Wave
   SCirW  Single Circle To An Ocean Wave
   Scoot  Scoot Back
   SepA1  Separate Around One (Make A Line if not followed by ComIn)
   SepA2  Separate Around Two    "
   SepA3  Separate Around Three  "   (extention)
   SeSaw  See Saw (your taw)
   SFCir  Single File Circulate  (Column Circulate)
   SF.Pr  Single File Promenade
 SFGrSqr  Sides Face Grand Square
   SHing  Single Hinge
   Shoot  Shoot the Star
   Skip1  Skip One  alt wording: "Pass 1" "Pass by 1" "Pass 1 by"
   SldAp  Slide Apart  (NOL)
   SldTg  Slide Together  (NOL)
   SldTh  Slide Thru
   SlipC  Slip The Clutch
   Sp2A1  Split The Outside Couple (Outside 2) Around One
            (Make A Line - if not followed by ComIn)
   SpChG  Spin Chain the Gears
   SpChT  Spin Chain Thru
   SpChX  Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears
   Splt2  Split The Outside Two / Split The Outside Couple
   SpltC  Split Circulate
   SpTop  Spin the Top
   SqT@#  Square Thru, But On The # Hand  (# = 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)
   SqTh#  Square Thru #  (# = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
   SqThr  Square Thru (4)
   StakW  Stack (The) Wood (hug your partner)  (NOL)
   StarL  Star by the Left  (Left Hand Star)
   StarR  Star by the Right  (Right Hand Star)
   StepT  Step Thru (Pass Thru from a wave)  (NOL)
   StepW  Step To A(n Ocean) Wave  "Make a wave"
   StpLW  Step To A Left-Hand Ocean Wave
   StrPr  Star Promenade
   StrTh  Star Thru
   Sw&Pr  Swing and Promenade
   Sweep  Sweep 1/4
   Swing  Swing (your partner or your corner, etc.)
   SwThr  Swing Thru
   T1/4   Touch 1/4
   Tag    Tag The Line (all the way)
   TagI   Tag The Line Face In
   TagL   Tag The Line Face Left
   TagM   Tag The Line Face The Music (Face The Caller)
   TagO   Tag The Line Face Out
   TagR   Tag The Line Face Right
   ToWav  To A Wave as in DoSaD ToWav
   TPtrL  Turn Your Partner By The Left  (L Arm Turn 'round your own)
   TPtrR  Turn Your Partner By The Right  (R Arm Turn with your own)
   Trak2  Track 2
   Trd    {designated} Trade
   TrdBy  Trade By
   TrdDL  {designated} Trade (Down the Line)
            when traders are not adjacent to each other
   TrdL   (from mini wave) Trade by the L  ("with the L-H, trade")
   TrdR   (from mini wave) Trade by the R  ("with the R-H, trade")
   TrdWv  Trade The Wave
   TrnTh  Turn Thru
   Twice  repeat the previous call again ("Double", "Do it again")
   UTurn  U-Turn Back  (Turn Back, Turn Around)
   VeerL  Veer Left
   VeerR  Veer Right
   Wk&Dg  Walk and Dodge
   WalkA  {designated} Walk Across - singing call: B-WalkA Sw&Pr (NOL)
   Weave  Weave the Ring
   WhlAr  Wheel Around
   WhlDl  Wheel and Deal
   WlkAC  Walk Around Your Corner  (All Around The Left Hand Lady)
   WWGrd  Wrong Way Grand
   WW.Pr  Wrong Way Promenade
   WWThr  Wrong Way Thar
   XFire  Crossfire
   XFold  Cross Fold
   XRun   Cross Run
   YelRk  Yellow Rock (hug your corner or designated)  (NOL)
   Zoom   Zoom

Obsolete Calls

   3Scoo  Triple Scoot  (dropped)  use: A-Scoot
   3Trd   Triple Trade  (moved to Advanced)  use: ?-TrdL, ?-TrdR or C6Trd
   CuliQ  Curlicue  (dropped)  use T1/4 or StrTh G-UTurn
   PtTag  Partner Tag  (moved to Advanced)
   RemTh  Remake the Thar  (moved to Advanced)
   Subst  {designated} Substitute (Over {designated})  (NOL)
   TnBk1  Turn Back One  (NOL)
   XTrTh  Cross Trail Thru  (moved to Advanced)



 --   No designator (All or Those who are active)
  -   Those who are active - "same ones"   more information about this
 ?-   Those Who Can   (mnemonic: "Who can?")
 4B   4 Boys (Gents, Men, etc.)
 4G   4 Girls (Ladies, Women, etc.)
 4L   4 Ladies (Girls, Women, etc.)
 6-   Lines/Waves/etc. of 6
 A-   All/Everybody (to be clear after using designator on previous call)
 A8   Everyone do your part (do call when part of formation isn't there)
 B-   Boys (Gents, Men, etc.)
 -B   "that Boy" or "same Boy(s)"  of dancers who were active on last call
 C-   Centers
 C4   Center 4 (wave of 4, box of 4, etc.)
 C6   Center 6 (wave of 6, column of 6, etc.)
 CB   Center Boys, Boys (who are centers), or Centers (who are boys)
 CG   Center Girls, Girls (who are centers), or Centers (who are girls)
 E-   Ends
 F-   Those Facing Directly   (mnemonic: "Facers")
 G-   Girls (Ladies, Women, etc.)
 -G   "that Girl" or "same Girl(s)"  only dancers who were doing last call
 H-   Heads or Sides (when H=Sides, S=Heads)
        also: "Head couples", "couples 1 & 3", or simply "1 & 3"
 HB   Head(Side) Boys
 HG   Head(Side) Girls
 IF   In-facers / Those facing in
 L-   Never used - Too easy to confuse Leads/Leaders with Ladies
 Lr   Leaders / Lead Couple / Outfacers ("those facing out(of your box)")
 Ly   Ladies  (typically part of call name)
 O-   Others -or- Outsides   the context should make it clear which
 O6   Outside 6 as in Diamonds
 OB   Outside/Other Boy
 OG   Outside/Other Girl
 OF   Out-facers / Those facing out
 P-   Points (of diamonds)
 S-   Sides or Heads (when H=Sides, S=Heads)
        also: "Side couples", "couples 2 & 4", or simply "2 & 4"
 Tr   Trailers / Trailing Couple
 VC   Very Center 2  (usually same sex: "Very Center Girl/Boy")
 VE   Very Ends



Punctuation is used in and around the calls to help convey extra information or helpfull context about how the calls are used.

mark                              description
---- --------------------------------------------------------------------
 ,   (comma) "while"  e.g. B-Cir, G-Trd = B-Cir "while" G-Trd

 !   (exclamation point) at beginning of line: More difficult for average
       dancer at this level.  There are various reasons for difficulty
       including non-standard arrangement.  See Points for Better Calling

 -   (dash) after call name:  "and" "the same ones" - Tie-in to next call
       The active dancers keep working - more information about this

" "  (quotes)  Literal words (directional calling), cue, or comment
       "black" - directional calling - necessary for choreography
       "red" - optional cue suggestion

( )  (parenthases)  Optional call or explanation for the caller (reader)
       (black) - optional call - may be omitted
       (green) - note for caller (not called)

 .   (period) in call name: No special meaning - helps separate words

...  (elipsis) prior to first call on line: Sequence ending with this call

...  (elipsis) at end of line: Choreoghraphy continues on next line

 ;   (semicolon)  "then"  Separates calls from each other (old notation)





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