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  R-H       L-H  
Choreo Bits from
[F] R-H 2 Face Lines
Rich Reel   5 Jan 2001

 Formation     ------------------  Arrangement  ------------------
    [F]        0         5         1         2         3         4
  ^ ^ v v   B g g B   g B B g   B B g g   g g B B   B g B g   g B g B

  ^ ^ v v   B g g B   g B B g   g g B B   B B g g   g B g B   B g B g

                                                      [3F] or [4F]

[0F] Norm R-H 2 Face Lines

    --Cpl.C [0F]
    --BendL [0L] (flow=R)
             --LT1/4 [L.0C]
  !          --LeadR [0T]
    --Feris  C-Sweep-  -PsOcn [0Q]
                       -T1/4    -Wk&Dg [0B]
                       -"hang on"-LeadR [0B]
             C-Sweep "2 quarters" [0P]
             C-VeerL  C-VeerR  A-VeerR [L.0F]
             C-4Cir2 [0P]
             C-"RIGHT"-WhlAr  (nicer than Reverse WhlAr)
    --WhlDl [0B]
             --VeerL [0F]  (changes sequence)
             --Cir2L [0L]
             --"double"-SwThr [0W]  (sounds like Feris DPT)
    C-Trd    --BendL [0L]
             --Feris  (flows only if called quickly)
             --WhlDl  (flows only if called quickly)
    G-Cir   [0F]
             --ChDTL [0L]
             G-RunL  [L.0W]  (same flow as from DixiS)
                      B-UTurn [L.0F]  (flow like WhlAr)
             A-RollA [5F]
                      B-Trd   [5F]
             A-HSash [5F]
                      B-Trd   [5F]
             A-Ca3/4 [0L]    "Cast left 3/4"
             A-WhlAr [L.0F]  "G push those B's around"
                      --BendL [0L]
                      --1/4Mr [0L]
    B-Cir    G-Trd   [0F]
                      --BendL [0L]
             G-Hinge  VCTrd   [0D]
                              G-Hinge [0F]
    B-Run   (G-Cir)   B-Trd   --SwThr [0W]
             B-Trd    B-Run   G-Trd   [0F]  (changes sequence)
             G-UTurn [L.0F]  (maintains sequence)
    --1/2Tg [1W]
             --Scoot [2W]
             --FaceR  --StepW [5W]
    --TagL  [L.0F]
             --BendL [0L]
    --TagR  [5F]
             G-Run   [0W]  (nice flow for FanTp, etc.)
    --TagI  [2L]
             --T1/4   --Col.C   B-Run  [0P]
    --Tag    --Clovr [1P]
                      --DTrak-  -DixiS [L.0F]
             G-Trd   [2B]
    --VeerR "back to back" [0T]
    --Cpl.H  --WhlDl [0L]
             C-Cpl.T  A-ChDTL [0B]
  ! E-Zoom   C-Trd
  !          --ChDTL
  ! G-XRun  (B-Trd)  [5F]
  ! --FanTp  --WhlDl [0L]
   Plus - - - - - - - - -
    --XFire [0C]
    --AcDcy [0F]
    --1/2Tg  A-Trd-    -&Roll [0B]
  !          --SHing  --AcDcy [5W]
                      C-Hinge  VCHinge (B-D.Cir) B-Cut.D [5D]  (hourglass)
    --Cpl.H  C-Cpl.T  A-XFire [1W]
             --&Roll  --DixiS [L.0TW]
    --Tag    --PeelO  --PasTh  --Tag   --PeelO  (easy to track arrangement)
    C-FYNbr-  -&Sprd [0D]
  ! G-XRun   B-Hinge [5D]
  ! G-Cir    --1-1/2  G-D.Cir  G-FlipD [0D]
  ! G-Hinge  VCHinge  G-D.Cir  G-Cut.D [0D]  (facing diamond)

[5F] Sash R-H 2 Face Lines

    G-Run   [0W]
             --FanTp [0TW]
    --Tag    --Clovr [2P]
                      B-PasTh  --T1/4  [0W]
                      B-SwThr  --Ext    B-Run   [0L]
                      B-LSqT3  --T1/4  [0W]
    --1/2Tg [2W]
             B-Run   [0L]
             --SHing [0W]  (nice flow for FanTp, AcDcy, etc.)
    B-Trd    G-Run   [0W]  (nice flow for FanTp, AcDcy, etc.)
             B-Run    --ChDTL "B keep going!"  (fun overflow for B)
    B-Cir    A-HSash  --ChDTL
   (G-Cir)   B-Wk&Dg  B-Run    --ChDTL [0L]  (ChDTL from 3&1 line)
    B-XRun  [0F]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    B-Hinge  --Cut.D [0F]
    B-XRun   G-Hinge [0D]
  ! --Cpl.C  --&Sprd [0F]
                      G-Hinge [0D]

[1F] R-H 2 Face Lines - "Boys in the front row"

    --1/2Tg [0W]
    --Tag   [0M]
    --BendL [1L]
             --BendL [2L]
             --1-1/2 [1S]
    --Feris  G-Sweep  "G face"-GrSqr [1S]
    C-Trd   [3F]
  ! C-Wk&Dg- "same ones"-Run-"and"-PasTh, "new"-C-Wk&Dg  A-WhlAr [0L]

[2F] R-H 2 Face Lines - "Girls in the front row"

    --1/2Tg [5W]
    --BendL [2L]
             --1-1/2 [1S]
    C-Trd   [4F]
  ! C-Wk&Dg  C-Run    E-PasTh, C-Wk&Dg  B-Run  G-Run [0L]  (call quickly!)
        (one G above slides from one end of the line to the other)

[3F] R-H 2 Face Lines - "Norm in the front row"

    B-TrdDL  (unusual Trade - still [3F])
             --BendL [3L]  (unusual nice flow)
             --BendL [3L]
    C-Trd   [1F]
    --Feris  C-SwThr [0Q]
    --TagO   --BendL [0L]

[4F] R-H 2 Face Lines - "Sash in the front row"

    B-TrdDL  (see [3F])
    C-Trd   [2F]
    --BendL  --PsOcn  B-Run  [0L]
    --WhlDl  --SwThr  B-Run  [0L]
    --TagI  [0L]
    OFUTurn [0L]
  ! OFXFold    (gimmick - 100% offset [0P])
             A-StepA [0F]


[3F] or [4F] R-H 2 Face Lines

    --Feris [3P] or [4P]  (link shows how to find sexes easily)
    B-"stand still", G-XRunR
    B-"stand still", G-RunR   --Bill Eyler  5/98
    "Find a B between 2 G's. He can hold hands with both G's for next move..."
        "those"-G-Trd, "both"-B-UTurn  call again restores [3F] or [4F])
    (switch G and B parts for above choreo - fun to do it both ways)
        Note: if B-TrdR G-UTurn -or- G-TrdL B-UTurn ends in inverted lines,
        then OFXFold always gives [0P].