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Choreo Bits from
[P] Beginning DPT Formation
Rich Reel   23 Sep 2000

 Formation     ------------------  Arrangement  ------------------
    [P]        0         5         1         2         3         4
    v v       g B       B g       B B       g g       g B       B g

    v v       g B       B g       g g       B B       B g       g B

    ^ ^       B g       g B       g g       B B       g B       B g

    ^ ^       B g       g B       B B       g g       B g       g B
                                                       [3P] or [4P]

[0P] Norm DPT Formation

    --Zoom  [0P]
    --DPT   [0M]
    C-RLT   [0P]
              -FullT [0B]
              -WhlAr  "to face the outside 2" [0B]
              -VeerL [0QF]
    C-PasTh [0B]
             --Sp2A1 [5L]
             --VeerL [0F]  (flows ONLY if called rapidly)
    C-DoSaD-  -ToWav [0Q]
    C-SldTh-  -SqTh2 [0B]  (R-H free)
              -TrnTh  --SepA1 [0L]
    G-RunL  [L.2C]
             --Col.C  B-Trd    --Col.C  G-RunL [0M]
    --FaceI [2L]
    C-VeerL  C-VeerR  A-VeerR  --Cpl.C [L.0F]
                               A-VeerL [0T]
                                        C-VeerL  C-VeerR [0M]
    C-SwThr  --Ext [3W]
    C-LSqT3 [0B]  (R-H ready)
    C-SqTh3  "and with your L-H..." [0B]  (L-H free)
             "G be ready with the L-H" FanTp [0TW]
    C-"Arch and back up" [0P]  (old call: Substitute)
    C-"Arch"-CalTw [0B]   -Bill Eyler
    "Put Ends In" [1L]  (gimmick)
                   --Ca3/4 [2L]
    C-DoSaD  --Zoom  [0P]  (obnoxious with Highland Swing styling!)
   (--Zoom)  C-"sumo belly bounce!" [0P]  (gimmick)  -Verne Weese
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --&Sprd [1L]
            (C-RLT)   C-RollA [0L]
             --Ca3/4 [2L]
    C-SwThr  --Ext    --SwThr  --Ext  C-SwThr  (omit C- designator for fun)
                                              [2R] G-FaceR [5D]
    --Zoom   --&Sprd [1L]
    C-T1/4-   -FYNbr-  -&Sprd [0Q]
    --UTurn  --&Roll  --Tag    (= DPT) (flows if danced correctly, corrects mistakes)

[5P] Sash DPT Formation

    C-PasTh  --BxGnt [0B]
             --SwThr (B-Cir)  [0W]  (nice flow for Recyc)
    C-SwThr  --Ext    --SwThr [2W]
                               B-Run   [0L]
    C-TrnTh  --DivTh  C-LTrnT [0B]  (R-H ready)
    C-DoSaD-  -StepW [5Q]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    C-PasTh  --SCirW [0W]  (flow for FanTp, AcDcy, etc.)
  ! C-"center's part"-LoadB- -Clovr "new C repeat both calls" [0P]

[1P] DPT Formation - Girls in the center

    G-SwThr  --Ext   [1W]
    G-SqTh3  "B reach in and CtsyT this G" [0L]
    G-SqTh3 "get ready with the L-H"
             --StrTh [L.0F]
                      --Prom (--DontS)
             --LT1/4 [L.0W]  (flow like DixiS)
    G-TrnTh  (any of the above after SqTh3)
    G-SwThr  G-TrnTh  (any of the above after SqTh3)
    G-T1/4   G-Box.C  --ChDTL  (t-bone / facing CtsyT)
    G-PasTh  --StrTh (C-Trd)  [L.0F]
             --T1/4  (C-Trd)  [5W]
    --DPT    G-UTurn  --StrTh [0F]
             G-PtTrd  --StrTh [0F]
             --FaceL [L.0F]
             "same sex"-PtTrd [2P]
    --Zoom  [2P]
    Have G's do 4 dancer calls while B's watch - APD workshop)
    --DTrak  --DixiS [L.0W]
             --2LChn [0L]
  !          --FlutW [0L]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
  ! G-SwThr  --PingP  G-Roll   G-T1/4  F-PasTh  C-WhlDl, E-UTurn [0P]

[2P] DPT Formaiton - Boys in the center

    B-SwThr  --Ext    B-Run   [0L]
                      --SHing [0W]  (flow for FanTp, etc.)
    --FaceR [0F]
    C-PasTh  --T1/4 [0W]
             --BxGnt  --T1/4  (B-Trd) [5W]
    --DPT    --FaceR [0F]
             "same sex"-PtTrd [1P]
    --Zoom  [1P]
    B-SqTh3 [1B] "ready with L-H" --LT1/4 "G connect" --ChDTL [0L]
    B-TrnTh [1B]  (L-H free)
    B-LSqT3 [1B]  (R-H free)
             --StrTh [0F]
             --T1/4  [0W]  (flow for FanTp, etc.)
    (Have B's do 4 dancer calls while G's watch - APD workshop)
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    B-SwThr  --Ext    --Twice  G-SwThr, B-FaceR [0D]

[3P] DPT Formation - Centers sashayed

    C-SwThr  --Ext   [0W]
    C-PasTh  --T1/4   C-Trd    B-Run   [0L]
    C-TrnTh [0B]  (L-H free)
    C-LTrnT [0B]  (R-H free)
    --DPT   [4M]
             A-Trd    A-FaceI [0L]  (like Trd &Roll)
             --FaceO  --BendL [0L]  (like PeelO)
    C-LStar-"1/2 way" [0B]  (R-H free) (like Cross Trail Thru)
    --Zoom  [4P]
    C-SpTop [0I]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    C-SCirW [0Q]
    --DPT    --PeelO [0L]
             --Trd    --&Roll [0L]
    A-Trd-    -&Roll [0L]

[4P] DPT Formation - Ends sashayed

    C-PasTh  --SwThr  B-Run   [0L]
             --DivTh [3P]
    --Zoom [3P]
    C-SwThr  --Ext   [5W]
    --DPT    --FaceI [0L]
             --CtrIn  --Ca3/4 [0L]
                      --Ca1/4  --WhlDl [0P]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --Zoom   --&Roll  --LoadB [0B] (ends start back to back)


[3P] or [4P]

    --DPT    B-Run    F-PasTh [2T]   (B in the center)
             B-UTurn  F-PasTh [2T]   (B in the center)
             G-Run    F-PasTh [1T]   (G in the center)
             G-UTurn  F-PasTh [1T]   (G in the center)