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Walk-through Get-outs for Singing Call Figures
Rich Reel   15 Oct 1999

Unstructured Get-outs

  • A fair number of singing call figures end such that you can simply call "AL the corner" in place of "Swing the corner".   Be sure the formation, flow, and hand-use are correct for an AL.   If not, I've tried to offer you alternative get-outs below.
  • For figures that end with "AL new corner, come back and Swing", you can substitute: "AL this corner, Pass By 1 and RLG (or Swing)".


    Structured Get-outs

    You may have noticed in the singing call figures that just before the end of each figure there is a number enclosed in parenthasis: (3).   This allows you to use the get-outs shown below to resolve the sequence without the corner progression for an initial walk through or for an "opening biggie".   In place of all calls in the singing call figure following the number in parentheses, substitute the calls shown below next to the cooresponding number.
    Note: - (*) simply means I haven't worked the resolve for this figure yet.

    (1)  [0B1c]  all facing corner
    (2)  [0T]  all back to back with partner
    (3)  [0LO]  ring pairing
           "beside you" AL
           C-Fold   --AL
    (4)  [1W]
           --SHing  B-Trd    B-Run    --Feris  C-PasTh  --AL
           --Scoot  --FaceR  AL
    (5)  [2W]  ring pairing
           --SHing  G-Trd    B-Run    --Feris  C-PasTh  --AL
           A-FaceR  AL
    (6)  [0W]  (Ca3/4 for ring pairing)
           B-Run    B-Cir    --Prom
           --SwThr  B-Run    --Feris  C-PasTh  --AL
    (7)  [5W]
           G-Cir    --RLG
           B-Cir    --RLG
           --SHing  --UTurn  "w/ a clap!" --AL
           --1/2.C  --RLG
    (8)  [0T]  ring pairing
           --TrdBy  --AL
    (9)  [L.0F]
           B-Cir    --Prom
    (10) [1B]
           --StrTh  B-Cir    --Prom
    (12) [0L]
           --StrTh  --DivTh  C-SqTh3  --AL
           --BxGnt  --SqTh2  --RLG
    (13) [4B]
           --StrTh  B-Cir    --Prom
           --T1/4   B-Trd    B-Run    --Feris  C-PasTh  --AL
    (14) [0T]  (un-PasTh  --AL)
           --TrdBy  --PasTh  --TrdBy  --AL
    (15) [5B]
    (16) [4T]
           E-Trd,   C-TrnTh  --RLG