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Get-outs from [B3r]

Rich Reel   23 Sep 2000
v3 v3
^4 ^4
v2 v2
^1 ^1
*Out Order   "s-out"

* "Order" is a broadened application of the term "sequence" - see Keep Order/Change Order Modules for an explaination.

    Get-outs... Help! - Notation Reference
   --SwThr  --SpTop  --SpTop  --RLG
            --SwThr  B-Run    B-Trd    --Prom
   --SldTh  --PsOcn  B-Run    B-Trd    --Prom
   --DoSaD  --ToWav  --LSwTh  --RLG
                              G-UTurn  A-Prom
   --LSwTh  G-RunL   --Prom  (nice after C-SqTh3 - expecting LA)
            --DoPaS (--RolPr)
   --RLT    --"Circle up 4 ... Circle to a circle" ... --CirL   --AL
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --SwThr  --SpTop  --Recyc  --&Roll  --SF.Pr
 ! --LT1/4  C-Trd    --SpltC  --TrdWv  --Ext    --LA
 ! --T1/4  Wk&Dg  A-Trd-&Roll "new ptr" A-Trd-&Roll  A-Trd-&Roll  --RLG
    Conversions...   (to more get-outs)
   --PasTh  --TrdBy  (still [B3r] - use to neutralize hand use
                      or to reposition key couples for sight)
   --RLT   [B4c] "s-in"
            --VeerL [F2p] "out seq"
   --SwThr [5W2p] sash "out seq"
   --StepW  --LSwTh [5W1p] sash "in seq"
   --StrTh [L3c] "s-out"
            --RvFlt [L1p] "in seq"
   --VeerL [Fip] "in seq"
   --T1/4   --Wk&Dg  --PtTrd [L2p] "out seq"
            --SpltC  B-Run   [L2p] "out seq"
            C-Trd    --SpltC [W1p] "in seq"
   --SldTh [L3c] "s-out"
            --PasTh  --WhlDl  C-PasTh [B2p] facing ptr, "out seq"
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --SqT@3  --SwThr [5W1p] sash "in seq"
   --LSwTh  --TrdWv [5W1p] sash "in seq"