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Get-outs from DPT Formation [P1c]

Rich Reel   21 Jul 2002
3v v3
4v v2
4^ ^2
1^ ^1
Outsides Paired -- All Once Removed Facing Corners
caller thinks: "1" or C-PasTh to the corner

    Get-outs... Help! - Notation Reference
   C-PasTh  --AL
   C-SqTh5  --AL
   C-SqTh1  --AL
   --DPT    --FLNR   --RLT    --DixiS  --AL   ("Dixie Style to an AL")
   C-T1/4 "4 hands to the center"-RStar "to corner" --AL (also works [P2r])
   C-BxGnt "you 4"-RStar "to corner" --AL (also works [P2r]) (similar to above)
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --DPT    --DixiG  --AL
            --Clovr  --DixiG  --AL
 ! C-SwThr  --Ext    --LSwTh  --&Roll  --RLT    --RollA  --RLG
    Conversions...   (to more get-outs)
   C-PasTh [B1c] "AL"
   C-RLT   [P2r] "3"