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Get-outs from DPT Formation [P3p]

Rich Reel   24 Jan 2004
3v v3
2v v2
4^ ^4
1^ ^1
All With Partners Out of Order *

* "Order" is a broadened application of the term "sequence" - see Keep Order/Change Order Modules for an explaination.

    Get-outs... Help! - Notation Reference
   --Zoom   C-PasTh  --SwThr  --RLG
            C-VeerR  A-Prom  (call VeerR early with emphasis)
   C-VeerL-  -CalTw  A-Prom  (CalTw = PtTrd = WhlAr)
   C-SqTh3  --VeerR  A-Prom  (call VeerR early with emphasis)
   C-LSqT3  --SwThr  --RLG
                     --TrnTh  --AL
   C-PasTh  --StepW  --LSwTh  --RLG
   C-LTrnT  --SwThr  --SHing  --RLG
   C-AL     --SwThr  "face partner"--RLG  (note similarities with above)
   C-RStar- <pause 1/2 turn> "...to your corner"  --AL (works from [P4p])
    Conversions...   (to more get-outs)
   --Zoom  [P4p] "s-in"
   C-RLT   [P4p] "s-in"
            C-PasTh [B4c] "s-in"
   C-PasTh [B3r] "s-out"