Change Order Modules

Rich Reel   2016 Aug 12

See also:  "Keep Order Modules"

These modules are part of a simple mental image system: Keep Order / Change Order Modules

Use any one of following modules to change the order state from "In" order to "Out" of order, or visa versa.   Always make a mental note when the dancers are "Out" of order.   Call any number of "Keep Order" modules and the dancers will stay "Out" of order.   At some point before the resolve, call another "Change Order" module (see below) to restore the order state to "In".   If you keep track of the order state carefully, you can call 4 or 6 or even 8 of these!

Note:  Each multiple-call module (line of calls going across) listed below is designed to be called in its entirety.   The order state may change or become undefined at points within the module.

 From [0L]:  "Change Order"
   --RLT   [0L]
   --SldTh  --StrTh [0L]
   --StrTh  --SldTh [0L]
   --PasTh  --BendL [0L]
                     --BendL [0L]
   --PsOcn [0W]
            --Recyc [0B]
 ! --TagI  [0L]
   --PasTh  C-Fold   --SldTh [0L]
   --RLT    --1/4Mr [0F]
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --PsOcn  --Expl& [0L]
   --PasTh  --Tag    A-Trd    --&Roll [0L]
   --LoadB  --SldTh [0L]

 From [0F]:  "Change Order"
   --Cpl.T [0F]
   --WhlDl  --VeerL [0F]
   --ChDTL  --FltWh [0L]
            --SldTh [0B]
   --1/2Tg  --SHing  C-Trd   [5W]
            --Wk&Dg  --PtTrd [0L]
   --BendL  --RvFlt  --Sweep  --SldTh [0L]
   --ChDTL  --PasTh  --WhlDl  C-PasTh  --SldTh [0L]

 From [L.0F]:  "Change Order"
   --WhlDl [0B]
   --Feris [0P]
   --Cpl.T [L.0F]
            --BendL [0L]
   --BendL  --FltWh  --SldTh [0F]

 From [0B]:  "Change Order"
   --RLT   [0B]
   --SqTh3 [0T]
   --VeerL [0F]
   --StrTh  --SldTh [0B]
            --RvFlt [0L]
   --SldTh  --StrTh [0B]
                     --DivTh [0P]
   --4Cir2 [0B]
            --DivTh [0P]
   --DoSaD  --ToWav  C-Trd   [0W]
 ! --LT1/4  --Wk&Dg  --WhlAr [0L]
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --SCirW  --LSwTh [0W]
   --T1/4   --Wk&Dg  --ChasR  B-Run [0L]

 From [0P]:  "Change Order"
   C-SqTh3 [0B]
   --Zoom  [0B]
   --DPT    A-Trd   [0P]

 From [0M]:  "Change Order"
   A-CalTw [0P]
   A-PtTrd [0P]
   --1R.2L [0L]  (not 1L.2R)
            --BendL [0L]
   --FaceI  --StrTh [0P]
   --CtrIn  --Ca3/4  --SldTh [0P]
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --Trak2  --Expl&  --SldTh [0B]

 From [0T]:  "Change Order"
   C-SqTh3 [0M]

 From [0W]:  "Change Order"
   --Recyc  --Sweep [0L]
   --SwThr  B-Run    --ChDTL [0L]
   C-Trd    --SwThr [5W]
   --SpltC  --Twice [5W]
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --LnCyc [0L]
   --ExpWv  --BendL [0L]
   --SpChX  --AcDcy [0W]
   --Expl&  --RLT   [0L]
                --PsOcn [0W]
   --Expl&  --LoadB  --SldTh [0L]
   --SwThr  --&Sprd  --ChDTL [0L]
   --SHing  --FYNbr  --TrdWv [0W]
                     --Expl&  --RLT   [0L]

 From [5W]:  "Change Order"
   C-Trd    --SwThr [0W]
   --SpltC  --Twice [0W]
   --SpTop  --Recyc [0L]
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --Expl&  --BxGnt [0L]

Idea -- To keep track of whether the order state is "In" or "Out" you can use your free hand.  One example:  Open your hand for "Out" - make a fist for "In".

See also:  "Keep Order Modules"



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