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Wanted Square Dance Records

Rich Reel   2017 Apr 28
I will gladly pay $20 + shipping for any record listed here in good condition.

Title                          Label + Number           Sung By
----------------------------   ----------------------   ------------
The Party's Over               Hi Hat 5131              Wayne McDonald
Sunshine / Moonshine           Jo Pat 503
Shinding (Shindig) In The Barn Jo Pat 809               Jerry Jestin
Rock And Roll Heaven           Royal 212                Tony Oxendine
Summer Wind                    Quadrille 926            Guy Adams
Bend The Line / A Latin Flair  Ozark Productions 0052
I Left My Heart In SF          Blue Star 2473           Buddy Weaver



  • Please contact me.  I seek the original 45 RPM vinyl record, not CD or re-releases.

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