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MP3 Square Dance Music List

Rich Reel   5 Mar 2007

This is "active" square dance music that's on my 2nd Generation iPod Nano 8GB.

List of Music available sorted byTitle  Label  Type  BPM...

  • Title - Song Name - Titles beginning with an underscore _ are pre-looped patter-length versions, about 12 minutes, with a subtle musical hint in the last phrase.  Titles with no underscore are the usual 7 x 64 beat phrasing, primarily singing calls. 
  • Label - Square dance record label, recording artist, karaoke version, etc.
  • Type - Use or energy level
  • BPM - Beats Per Minute - This is the average BPM of my digitized version which may not be at the original tempo.  I have tempo-corrected most of my music that was outside the range 124...130 BPM (preserving original pitch).  A second BPM number in parentheses ( ) shows the original BPM (not all have this).  Some added since 2006 have been corrected for tempo variation as well.  A "v" after a BPM number indicates the tempo varies more than 2 BPM. If you are a square dance caller and own a legal copy of any music you see here, and would like a copy of my mp3, please contact me.

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