Call Equivalents

Rich Reel   7 May 2000

See also Zeros


Caution!   Be aware that equivalents can change the flow, hand use, timing, and/or difficulty.

Help! - Explain these abbreviations

Basic / Mainstream

  from a couple (norm or sash) or mini wave (R-H or L-H)
   --Trd    =  B-Run    G-UTurn   (nice way to create specific flow)
               G-Run    B-UTurn

  from [0B] or [0L]
   --RLT    =  --SldTh  --StrTh
               --StrTh  --SldTh   (different hand use)
               --SqTh1  --CtsyT   (gimmick)
               --PasTh  --WhlAr
               --RollA  --BxGnt
               --MakWv  G-Trd    --Recyc
   --SqTh3  =  --PtTrd
   --StrTh  =  --T1/4   --Scoot  B-Run
                        G-UTurn   (get girls turning R)
               --VeerL  --ChDTL   (requires appropriate flow)
               --SwThr  B-Trd    B-Run    --BendL
               --DoSaD  --StrTh   (use early to get folks used to facing after DoSaD)
   --PasTh  =  --RLT    --CtsyT  --FullT
               --1/2of  --DoSaD   (gimmick)
               --DoSaD  --1-1/2   (gimmick)
   --2LChn  =  --RvFlt
   --BxGnt  =  --RLT    --RollA
               --PasTh  --UTurn
   --T1/4   =  --StrTh  G-UTurn   (Qurlicue)
   --DixiS  =  --GW.BD  --LHing   (nearly identical flow)
  from [5B] or [5L]
   --TrnTh  --CtsyT  =  --HSash
  from [B] or [L]
   --FanTp  =  --PsOcn  C-Trd

  from [0B]
   --RLT    =  --DivTh  C-SqTh3
   --RLT    --VeerL  =  --SwThr  B-Run
   --RLT    --StepW  =  --SldTh  --PsOcn
                     =  --SwThr  --SwThr
   --VeerL  =  --RLT    --SwThr  B-Run
  from [M]
   --FaceI  =  --CtrIn  --Ca3/4
  from [0M]
   --FaceI  =  B-FaceR, G-FaceL
   A-Trd    =  --FaceI  --StrTh

  from [W]
   A-Trd    =  --Scoot
               --SwThr  C-Trd  (for [L.W] use LSwTh)
   C-Trd    =  --SHing  C-Trd    --SpltC
               --SpltC  C-Trd    --SHing
   E-Trd    =  --SwThr  "3 hands"
   E-Trd,   C-Trd    =  --SwThr  --A8Cir  --SwThr

  from [5W]
   B-Run    --BendL  =  --SHing  B-Run

  from [0F]
   --WhlDl  =  --Feris  C-PasTh
   --ChDTL  =  G-Trd    --BendL
            =  --BendL  --RvFlt
  from [LO]
   --BendL  =  --Ca3/4


  from [W]
   --LnCyc  =  --Recyc  --Sweep
               --SwThr  B-Run    --ChDTL
   --Ca3/4  =  --FYNbr  --&Sprd
   --TrdWv  =  C-XRun "new"-C-Trd  =  Mix  (Advanced)

  from [B] or [L]
   --BxGnt  =  --T1/4   --&Roll
               --StrTh  --&Roll
               --SldTh  --&Roll
               --SCirW  --RearB
   --SqTh3  =  --PsOcn  --ExpWv

  from [B]
   --StepW  =  --T1/4   --FYNbr  --&Sprd

  from [M]
   --PeelO  --&Roll  =  --Clovr  --Zoom

The following equivalents are especially usefull in singing call figures

Timing is very nearly identical and hand use is not adversly affected.

  from [S]
   H-SqTh4  --DoSaD  --MakWv  =  H-Pr1/2-  -PsOcn-  -Ext
   H-Pr1/2-  -SqTh4  =  H-Pr1/2  S-SqTh4
   H-Pr1/2-  -RLT    --SqTh4  =  H-Pr1/2  S-RLT    H-SqTh4

  from [0B]
   --RLT    --VeerL  =  --SwThr  B-Run

  from [0L]
   --SqTh3  --Sw&Pr  =  --FltWh  --Sweep  --Sw&Pr  (G lead flow)
                     =  --RvFlt  --Sweep  --Sw&Pr  (B lead flow)