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Intro Level Singing Call Figures
Rich Reel   24 Sep 2000

How do I read this?   In the list below, each line going across has a complete 64 beat figure.   When a line appears indented, calls are shared in common with a line above it.   Use the first call(s) from the nearest line(s) above it that have calls starting from the left hand side.   More information on Call Sharing   Abbreviations Explained

The symbols: H- and S- mean Heads or Sides.
H- means Heads, S- means Sides   (first two figures)
H- means Sides, S- means Heads   (last two figures)

Be aware that at beginning level, dancers typically are not dancing every call with the correct timing.   You'll want to vary portions of the figure based on how well the dancers are keeping up.

 Base figure:
  ---------------------- part A ----------------- --------------- part B -------------------
  H-Pr1/2 H-PasTh H-CtsyT S-Pr1/2 S-PasTh S-CtsyT "face corner"--DoSaD "keep corner G"--Prom

 Variations for part A:
  H-Pr1/2 S-Pr1/2 H-PasTh H-CtsyT S-PasTh S-CtsyT
                  --JoinH --CirL  "face partner"--DoSaD
  H-PasTh H-CtsyT S-Pr1/2 H-Pr1/2 S-PasTh S-CtsyT
          H-Pr1/2 S-PasTh S-Pr1/2 "face partner"--DoSaD
          H-SepA2 "pass R shoulders!" "get back home" S-PasTh S-SepA2 "get back home"
  H-2LChn S-2LChn --4LChn

 Variations for part B:
  "face corner" (optional --DoSaD) --Swing --Prom
  4LChn3/4 "keep this G"--Prom

 Variations for any:
  Replace CtsyT with CalTw (or mix both randomly)

  --4LChn H-2LChn S-4Cir3 C-PasTh A-PasTh  --UTurn  --Sw&Pr      --Kris Jensen
  H-PasTh H-UTurn S-PasTh S-UTurn --JoinH  --CirL "until the B's get home"      --Kris Jensen