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Graphic Guide to Formation Letter Designations
 Rich Reel     18 Jan 2004

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    Click on formation letter below for arrangement and links to Get-outs and Choreo Bits

    Squared Set
    Static Square


    General Lines

    Facing Lines

    Lines Facing Out

    R-H 2 Face Lines

    L-H 2 Face Lines

    R-H Waves

    L-H Waves

    Inverted Line

    "Out-verted" Line


    General Columns

    Box / 8 Chain

    Trade By

    Double Pass Thru

    Completed DPT



    R-H Column

    L-H Column

    R-H Magic Column

    L-H Magic Column

    More information:   General Column Formations   Explanation of L. F. and X. prefixes


    General Quarter Tag

    R-H 1/4 Tag

    L-H 1/4 Tag

    R-H 3/4 Tag

    L-H 3/4 Tag

    R-H 1/4 Line

    L-H 1/4 Line

    R-H 3/4 Line

    L-H 3/4 Line

    R-H 1/4 Box

    L-H 1/4 Box

    R-H 3/4 Box

    L-H 3/4 Box


    General Tidal Setup

    R-H Tidal Wave

    L-H Tidal Wave

    R-H Tidal 2 Face Line

    L-H Tidal 2 Face Line

    R-H Tidal Line

    L-H Tidal Line



    R-H Diamonds

    L-H Diamonds

    R-H Point-To-Point Diamonds

    L-H Point-To-Point Diamonds


    Other Named Formations

    Inverted Lines

    Out-verted Lines

    R-H "I"
    [ I ]

    L-H "I"


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