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Get-outs from BOX [B1c]

Rich Reel   5 Oct 2001
v3 v3
^4 ^2
v4 v2
^1 ^1
Everyone Facing Their Corner
"Box 1-4"

    Get-outs... Help! - Notation Reference
   --LTrnT  --RLG
   --LSqT4  --AL
   --SldTh  --SqTh3  --AL
            --SqT@4  --AL   ("...but on the 4th arm...")
            --BxGnt  --SqTh2  --RLG
            --PasTh  --TagI   --SqTh4  --RLG
                     --Tag    --Clovr- "look for your partner" --RLG
   --StrTh  --RvFlt  --DixiS  --AL
   --SpChT  G-Cir2   --RLG      (perhaps call MakWv first)
   --BxGnt  --PasTh  --RLG
 !          --PsTTC  C-SqTh3 "ready with L-H"--LSqT3  --RLG
 ! --RLT    --GW.BD  --Wk&Dg  --RLG   (similar to Cross Trail Thru)
 !          --BxGnt  --SqTh3  --DoPas
   --SwThr  G-Cir,   B-Trd    --RLG
            B-Trd,   G-UTurn, B-Cir    A-Prom   (call quickly)
            B-Trd    --1/2.C  --RLG
            --Scoot (--A8Cir) B-XFold  --AL
            B-Run   (--Cpl.C) B-XFold "sneaky"-YelRk  G-UTurn  --AL
   --T1/4   --A8Cir  C-Cir    --SpltC  --RLG
   C-Sp2A1  --SqTh4  --RLG
   --8Chn3-"and 1/2"(VCUTurn) --Prom  (gimmick)
   --PasTh  C-Zoom,  E-BakUp  --AL    (gimmick)
            --TrdBy "with THIS corner" --ALIAS  --SwThr  --RLG
                     --DivTh  --SqTh1  --AL    (fun to call quicly)
   --StrTh  --JoinH  --CirL   4LRollA  --AL    (or other ring figure)
                              --LyIMS  --ALIAS  --SwThr  --RLG
   --Swing "let her out" --AL --PasTh  --RLG
                              --R.PBy  --DoPaS...
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --DivTh  --DixiG  --AL
   --PsTTC  --DixiG  --AL
   --PasTh  --DixiG  --AL   (everybody starts the DixiG)
   --DixiG  --DoPaS (RolPr) (everybody starts the DixiG)
   --T1/4   --FYNbr  --AL
   --SldTh  --&Roll  --PasTh  --RLG
            --SqTh4  --DixiG  --AL (pump hands! - everybody starts DixiG)
            --PasTh  --BendL  --SqTh2  --DixiG (everybody starts DixiG)
            --PsOcn  --TrdWv  --AL
                     --Expl&  --LoadB  --AL
            --RLT    --LoadB  --AL
                     --T1/4   --Col.C  --PeelO  --PromH
                     --DixiS  B-Trd    --AL
                     --FwdBk  --LT1/4  --Col.C  G-PeelO  --RLG
   --SCirW  --Ext    --RLG
            --PasTh  --RLG    "Single Circle Pass Thru RLG"
            --AcDcy  B-Twice  --RLG
            --1/2of-  -A8Cir  --RLG
   --SwThr  --AcDcy  --RLG
            C-Trd    --Ext    --RLG
            --Twice  --TrdWv  --AL
            --SpTop  --Expl&  --AL
                     --GrSwT  --Expl&  --RLG
 !          --TrdWv  --SwThr  --AL
   --ReDcy  --&Sprd  --AL        (perhaps call MakWv first)
            --SHing  --FYNbr  --AL
                     --Expl&  --PsOcn  --TrdWv  --AL
   --SqTh3  --PtTrd  --&Roll  C-Roll   --RLG  (if R-H free)
   --LSqT3  --PtTrd  --&Roll  C-Roll   --RLG  (if L-H free)
   --PasTh  --TrdBy  --SldTh  --PsOcn  --TrdWv  --A8Cir  --AL
 !                   --SCirW  --A8Cir  --1-1/2  --RLG
 ! --LReDcy --AL
 ! --LSpChG --AL
    Conversions...   (to more get-outs)
   --DoSaD  (still [B1c] - neutralizes hand use)
   --YelRk  (gimmick - still [B1c] - neutralizes hand use)
   --DivTh  --DPT    LrTrd     (still [B1c] - neutralizes hand use)
   --SldTh  --PasTh  --BendL  --SldTh (still [B1c] - neutralizes hand use)
   --PasTh  C-SqTh4  E-Clovr   (still [B1c] - R-H free)

   --SwThr  G-Cir,   B-Trd   [5W1p] sash, in seq
                              B-Run   [F1p] in seq
                                       --BendL [L1p] in seq
                              --SHing  B-Run   [L1p] in seq
  (--MakWv) --SpChT  G-Cir2   B-Run   [F1p] in seq
                                       --BendL [L1p] in seq
  Plus - - - - - - - -
   --SwThr  --AcDcy [5W1p] sash, in seq
                     B-Run  [F1p] in seq


A note about hand use:   Some of these equivalent get-outs start with a call that uses a particular hand.   As an example: T1/4, SqThr, and SwThr all want immediate use of the right hand.   If you want to replace an AL with a different [B1c] get-out, it is likely that calls typically called before an AL end with the left hand free.

As an example, from [P2p] you might normally call C-SqTh3 to get everyone to their corner.   This leaves the centers with their right hands behind them after their last hand of the SqTh3.   It would be akward in this case to have the next call be any of the right-hand calls listed above or many other 'handed' calls such as StrTh or BxGnt.

If you are unsure, or want to memorize an equivalent that will work in all cases, choose get-outs that start with neutral-flow calls such as PasTh, SldTh, PsOcn, and DivTh.   You may also use a module to neutralize hand use - see conversions below.