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Selecting Key Couples

"Mental Snapshot" Method

Rich Reel   24 Jan 2004
See also: Overview of different methods for preparing to resolve the square by sight

  • The 4 dancers needed are: Any 4 adjacent dancers
  • The 3 relationships needed are...
    1. The visual pattern of all 4 dancers when they are in the correct order
      The pattern would appear broken if any dancer was out of order

    This method is the obvious choice if you have a photographic memory.  It may also be a good one to use if the dancers have some gradient of color in their clothing, hair color, skin tone, height, etc.  Visualize the pattern that the correct sequence of dancers makes when they are squared up at home and simply look for it when you call.  Only the correct sequence of dancers will make the correct pattern.


    See Possible Pairings to test your ability to recognize the patterns for resolve.


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