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Selecting Key Couples

"One Key Couple and Two Corners" Method

Rich Reel   24 Jan 2004
See also: Overview of different methods for preparing to resolve the square by sight

  • The 4 dancers needed are: One key couple and each of their corners
  • The 3 relationships needed are...
    1. Partner relationship for the primary couple
    2. The primary man's corner
    3. The primary lady's corner

    When resolving by sight, the pattern to look for is usually a "sandwich" with the key couple paired in between the 2 corners.

    For some setups, most notably that needed for Dixie Grand, it is much easier to see the patterns of the required setup with this method than with any of the others.

    At Home

    This is the classic Dixie Grand setup.  With [0P] (standard arrangement DPT formation) the primary couple is paired in the center and both corners are behind them. 

    Dixie Grand

    However it is not the only Dixie Grand setup.  The other pattern has the primary couple facing each other far apart in one column and the corners nose to nose in the center in the other column.  Because the arrangement is known in [0P], it is not necessary to know which corner is where because their gender determines which of the two spots they'll occupy.

    Also Dixie Grand

    Here are some characteristics of this method...

  • If the key couple is paired, then the correct resolved square will have a "sandwich" with the paired couple between the memorized corners.
  • In some formations, all dancers will be on one side of the square when the dancers are in sequence.
  • With standard arrangement, there is no need to remember which corner is which since they are opposite gender.  The "sandwich" can only form when the correct corners are in the correct two positions surrounding the paired key couple and these can only be filled by the correct gender dancer.


    See Possible Pairings to test your ability to recognize the patterns for resolve.


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