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Some Square Dance Record Labels

Rich Reel   28 Dec 2006

The label abbreviations below are either from the record or what distributers use

Label Color Scheme - Key to multiple colors...

  +   Multi-color label     First color listed is background color
  w   With color lettering  Color is only used for lettering and/or logos
  -   In-between color      Solid color is somewhere between the colors listed

Abbrev  Label Color Scheme  Full Name of Record Company
4B ***Gold w Black Four Bar B Records
A ***Orange w Black Aussie Tempos (prononced ah-zee)
AMR ***White w Black Marble Records
AR ***Black w Silver Alliance Records
BC ***Yellow + White w Black Bob Cat Records
BM ***Gold w Black Big Mac
BMR ***Lt Blue w Black Black Mountain Valley Records
BMV ***Dark Red w Black Black Mountain Valley
BR ***White + Blue w Black Blue Ribbon
BS ***White w Blue Blue Star
C ***Dark Yellow w Black Chaparral Records
C ***Gray/Tan w Black Chaparral Records (re-releases)
CAR ***Bright Red w Black Cardinal Records
CC ***Blue + Black Chicago Country
CC* ***Black w Silver C Bar C Records
CC* ***Orange w Black C Bar C Records
CD ***Off-White w Dark Brown Circle D
CD ***Lt Blue w Dark Blue Circle D
CHY ***White w Black Cheyenne
CK ***Yellow w Black Chinook
CJC ***Yellow + Black w Black Cross Country
COL ***Blue w Black + color Collectable Records Corp / MCA
CR ***Tan w Black Cobra Records
CRC ***White w Blue Crown Record Company
DIM ***White w Black Diamond Records
DJ ***White w Teal DJ Records
DWN ***Orange w Black Down Under Records
DR ***Tan w Black Desert Recordings
DR ***Tan w Black Dance Ranch (newer)
DR ***White + Green w Black Dance Ranch (older)
EAG ***White w Black Eagle
ED ***Gold w Black El Dorado
ENI ***White + Black w Black ENIS Records
ER ***White w Red Elite Records
ERIC ***Black + Red w Silver ERIC Records
ESP ***Yellow w Black ESP (Elmer Sheffield Productions)
FP ***Pink w Green Flower Productions
GMP ***Light Blue w Dark Blue Global Music Productions
GR ***Green w Black Grenn
GR ***Blue w Silver Grenn
GR* ***White w Black Grand Recordings
GS ***Gold w Black + color Monument Golden Series (not SD)
HD ***Yellow w Black Hoedowner
HH ***Yellow w Black Hi Hat (older)
HH ***Dark Red w Silver Hi Hat (newer)
HR ***White w Black Hearties Records
JK ***White w Red Jay Bar Kay
JP ***Pink w Green Jo Pat (ESP)
K ***Light Blue w Black Kalox
LH ***White w Red Longhorn Records
LM ***Tan w Red Lou-Mac Records (older)
LM ***Silver w Purple Lou-Mac Records (newer)
MGR ***Black w Silver Mac Gregor
MCA ***Lt Blue w Black + color MCA Records (not SD)
MDL ***White w Red Mason Dixon Line Records
MR ***White w Purple Mountain Recordings
OR ***Lt Blue w Dark Blue Ocean Wave Recordings
P ***Lt Blue w Black Pioneer Records
PR ***White w Red Prairie Mountain Desert Ocean Recordings
Q ***Silver w Black Quadrille
RB ***Lt Blue w Red Red Boot
RB ***White w Red + Blue Red Boot Records
RBS ***Yellow w Red Red Boot Star
RBS ***White w Red Red Boot Star
RH ***Tan w Brown Ranch House
RIV ***Lt Blue w Black Riverboat Records
RWH ***Tan w Red Rawhide
RMR ***White w Purple Rockin M Records
RMR ***White w Black Rockin M Records
RR ***White w Black Rhythm Records
RYL ***White w Blue Royal Records
S2K ***White w Black Sounds 2000
SA ***White + Blue Satril / Mirus
SC ***Pink w Black Scope Records
SD ***Blue + Gold w Black Shakedown Records
SD ***Yellow w Black Shakedown Records
SG ***White + Gold w BlackSolid Gold
SIR ***Grey + Silver Sting Records Sweden
SNW ***Silver + Dark Blue Snow Records (Sting)
SR ***White w Blue Stampede Records
SSK ***White w Black Silver Streak Records
SSR ***White + Grey w BlackSilver Sounds
ST ***Tan w Brown Square Tunes
ST ***White w Black Square Tunes
TAR ***Lt Blue w Black Tarheel Records
TB ***Lt Blue w Black w Red Thunderbird Records
TH ***Lt Blue w Black w Red Thunderbird Records
TNT ***White w Black TNT Records
TOP ***White w Red-Purple TOP Caller (Grenn)
TYR ***Yellow w Black Tripple Yolker Records
UR ***Silver w Black Unicorn Records
W *** see: WIN
WIND ***Green + Silver Windsor
WIN ***Green w Black Windsor
WW ***Yellow w Black Wagon Wheel Recordings
WWI ***Red w Black Wild West Recordings
WK ***Light Blue w Black White Knight
YR ***Yellow w Black Yellow Rose Record Co.

* = a second record label with the same abbreviation

The above list is hopelessly incomplete but does represent many of the popular labels available today.


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