Rich Reel   26 Aug 1999

See also Call Equivalents

100% Zeros - Return everyone to the exact same spots on the floor

Many uses....

List of 100% Zeros - organized by starting formation, arrangement, and a common call

Help! - Explain these abbreviations

Basic / Mainstream

  from [0B] or [0L]
   --StrTh  --RLT    --SldTh
            --RvFlt  --Sweep
            --PsOcn  G-Trd    --Recyc
   --RLT    --PasTh  --CalTw
            --StrTh  --SldTh
            --RollA  --BxGnt
            --VeerL  --WhlDl
            --FlutW  --RvFlt
   --SqTh3  --CtsyT
  from [0L]
   --PsOcn  --SwThr  B-Run    --ChDTL
   --TrnTh  --"turn around"
   --PasTh  --WhlDl  --DPT    --FLNR
            --BendL  --Twice  --RLT
   --FlutW  --Sweep  --SldTh
   --RvFlt  --2LChn   (bad flow if looped)
  from [0B]
   --RLT    --DivTh  C-SqTh3   (bad hand use if looped)
            --PasTh  C-SqTh3, E-CalTw   (bad hand use if looped)
   --SwThr  B-Run    --WhlDl
  from [B] or [L]
   --PsOcn  --Recyc  --Sweep
   --StepW  C-Trd    --Recyc

  from [W] or [L.W]
 ! --SwThr  --LSwTh   (also a zero in Alamo wave)


  from [0L] or [0B]
   --PsOcn  --LnCyc
            --Expl&  --RLT

  from [W] or [L.W]
 ! --FYNbr  --FYNbr

Other Zeros

The following zeros do not return all dancers to the exact same spots on the floor but they do preserve the FASR - formation, arrangement, sequence, and relationship.   This means these zeros will likely disrupt an "at home" get-out but will be ok for AL, RLG, or Prom get-outs.

Handy Module Rotates Waves 90 deg

from [W] or [L.W]: Rotates the entire formation 90 deg

It conveniently has 4 easy-to-remember variations....   (each of these does the same trick)
    --SHing  C-Trd    --SpltC  C-Trd
    --SpltC  C-Trd    --SHing  C-Trd
    C-Trd    --SHing  C-Trd    --SpltC
    C-Trd    --SpltC  C-Trd    --SHing