> Newer Caller Workshop

Newer Caller Workshop

10:00AM to 4:00PM SUNDAY Nov 19, 2023

San Jose, CA

A special thank you to Mike Pogue for help making this workshop happen!

Free this time!

Dancers welcome and encouraged!  Dancers always dance free.  No obligation: dance all day or drop in for 5 minutes.

Preliminary Schedule

(we often don't follow this)

Detail on the Special Sessions

  • First-time caller exercise
  • Moving dancers around
  • How to resolve the square
  • Pairing Dancers
  • Singing calls
  • Dancing


    Typical Session

    The goal is to keep things moving.  Explanations will be kept to an absolute minimum with the focus on everyone calling as much as possible.  An exercise designed for everyone will be provided for every session, however each caller may use their mic time any way they want.  (call patter, do a singing call, sight resolve the square, read cards, test choreo, practice voice, etc...)

    Typically one caller will be taking a turn and a second will be waiting "on deck".  When a caller finishes, the "on deck" caller immediately steps up to the mic and begins their turn.  Another caller will volunteer to be next waiting "on deck".  When you're not calling or waiting on deck, you can plan your next tip, get feedback, or be a dancer for the other callers.  Rotate out when you need a break.  We'll take "unscheduled" 5 minute breaks when everyone needs a breather.



    While this is a self paced workshop with no requirements, I think you'll want to get the most out of this rare and coveted time behind a microphone with 8 dancers at your disposal.  There are things you can start working on that will benefit you immensely...



    A professional sound system, music, and mic will be provided.  Of course you may bring and use any of your own stuff.  Feel free to drop in and out.  Attend any part of any session.  We'd appreciate knowing when you think you might be attending so that we can plan food and possibly adjust the schedule.

    Invite anyone you think would benefit and/or contribute.


    Rich Reel   2023 Nov 11