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Mainstream Stir The Bucket Routines
Rich Reel   7 Oct 2001

How do I read this?   In the list below, each line going across has a complete bucket stir.   When a line appears indented, calls are shared in common with a line above it.   Use the first call(s) from the nearest line(s) above it that have calls starting from the left hand side.   More information on Indented Call Sharing   Abbreviations Explained

"Cheap" Stirs   (experienced dancers may figure out what you are doing)

  H-LeadR --VeerL --Feris C-Sweep
  A-LeadR --CalTw
  --JoinH --CirR  "1/4"
  --JoinH --CirR "R, R, R..." --FwdBk "say WHOA!"  (timing is critical)
  --JoinH --CirL "exactly" --3/4
  --4LCh3 --RollA --FwdBk "4 BOYS"-Chn3 --RollA  -Vic Ceder
          4BLeadR A-StrTh (pause for flow) --BendL
 ...PromH --1/4Mr

"Somewhat Higher Priced" Stirs

  H-LeadR --DivTh C-SwThr -BRun    -BendL
          --PsTTC C-T1/4-  -Wk&Dg  -PtTrd
          --Cir2L --T1/4  --Col.C B-Run   --RLT   --DivTh C-SldTh- -3X
          --SldTh --T1/4  --Col.C B-Run   --T1/4  --Wk&Dg "bow to cnr, ptr"
  H-StrTh --DPT   LrTrd   --StrTh --RvFlt --PasTh --WhlDl C-StrTh
                  --FLNR  --BendL --RLT   --PasTh --WhlDl C-StrTh
  H-SqTh4 --StrTh --RLT   --FlutW --PasTh --WhlDl --Zoom  C-StrTh
          --SwThr B-Run   --BendL --RLT   --PasTh --WhlDl --Zoom  C-StrTh
          --SldTh --RLT   --FlutW --PasTh --WhlDl --Zoom  C-SldTh
!                         --PsOcn --A8Cir --1-1/2 A8Recyc
  H-T1/4- --Wk&Dg A-T1/4  --Wk&Dg --PtTrd --T1/4  --Wk&Dg C-T1/4-  -Wk&Dg A-PtTrd
          G-PasTh C-PsOcn E-Hinge B-Trd   B-Run   --BendL "bow cnr, ptr"
  H-RLT   S-Pr1/2 H-LeadL A-VeerR --Feris C-Sweep  (timing affects difficulty)
  S-FlutW  -BkAwy H-PsOcn  -Recyc --Zoom  C-SldTh
  --4LChn 4LFlutW A-Sweep
          H-PasTh --SepA1 --StrTh --DPT   LrClovr,O-PtTrd
          S-RollA,H-PasTh --SepA1 C-PasTh,E-StrTh A-CalTw
                                  A-StrTh C-Twice,E-CalTw
          --CtsyT --FullT "all looking out" A-Clovr "don't get hurt!"
          H-SqTh4 --SqTh3 "L-H ready" C-LSqT2 A-Clovr "don't get hurt!"
      For variety: 4LChn = H-2LChn + S-2LChn = 4LCh3 + 4LCh3
      also: 2LChn = RvFlt
  --4LCh3 --RollA "face original ptr" PasTh StrTh-"with next" CalTw 4LCh3  -Vic Ceder
  H-RLT-   -1/4Mr G-PasTh G-Run   B-PasTh B-Run   C-BendL
  H-BxGnt- -SqTh4,S-RollA --PasTh --TrdBy --T1/4  --A8Cir G-Run   E-BendL
                                                                  A-1/2of- -BendL
  --4LChn --ALIAS --SwThr B-RunR  --CalTw
  --ALIAS SwThr-"3 hands" LSwTh-"3 hands" RHing B-LStar 1/2 "to ptr" B-RunR BendL
  S-2LChn, H-RLT, S-RollA, H-DixiS B-PasTh "to your R" A-Ca3/4...
    ...G-"on a diagonal"-PasTh "the couple"-BendL "bow ptr, cnr"
  H-RLT   S-FltWh H-2LChn "jump in when you get a chance!" H-TrnTh...
    ..."H around the S" H-Run "S move in" A-StrTh
  H-StrTh  Repeat 3X:[[ DPT CtrIn Ca3/4 PasTh WhlDl ]] C-FltWh- -Sweep

Clever Stirs - (use rarely - keep 'em special)

  HGChn3 SB-"Roll her away" "lines of 3"-FwdBk HB-DoSaD "lines of 3"-T1/4...
    ...Ext "to a column" Col.C B-Run "bow cnr"  -Kris Jensen

  H-T1/4- -Wk&Dg A-PasTh C-T1/4- -Wk&Dg "imaginary couple in front of you" A-SqTh3

  "couples 1&2"-RLT   "couples 3&4"-RLT   "S at the H position"-RLT

  4G-"straight ahead"-PasTh "meet opposite guy" DoSaD "make Alamo Wave" SwThr G-UTurn

  4LChn  All move in close.  Think about a StrTh with your original parnter
    whom you are facing.  Reach through the square and touch those inside hands,
    boy's hands over the girl's hands, get ready for a StrTh.  See the basket?!
    Slowly, all StrTh.

Reverse Stirs

 Convert Reverse Stirs to Normal Stirs with any of these beforehand...
  H-RLT-   -BkAwy S-RLT- -BkAwy H-...
  A-JoinH --CirL-"exactly half way"
  --4LChn H-FlutW S-FlutW
 Convert Reverse Stirs to Normal Stirs with any of these afterward...
  --AL    --RLG   --T1/4  B-Run
                  --BxGnt --SldTh
  --AL    --BxGnt --WWGrd "meet her" --SldTh


  - StrTh = SldTh
  - DivTh = PsTTC
  - More call equivalents
  - Use get-in equivalents: H-SqTh4, H-LeadR, H-SqTh2   (check flow, hand use, etc.)


  - Add excitment after a stir: "All dance up to the middle say WHOA!"  -or-
  - Lower voice and music after stir - let them discover it
  - If stir turns out wrong, say: "I guess it's shaken not stirred"
  - Bad stir: "kick the bucket"

Did you know?

  - [F2p] if Feris C-Sweep ends at home, then Cpl.C Feris C-Sweep stirs the bucket