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Plus Singing Call Breaks
Opener / Middle Break / Closer Figures

Rich Reel   7 Oct 2001

How do I read this?   In the list below, each line going across has a complete 64 beat figure.   When a line appears indented, calls are shared in common with a line above it.   Use the first call(s) from the nearest line(s) above it that have calls starting from the left hand side.   More information on Call Sharing   Abbreviations Explained

  --4LChn G-StarR "1/2 way start a..." --DoPas --TPtrL H-TeaCC
  --WlkAC --SeSaw --WlkAC "once again" --DoPas --TPtrL H-TeaCC
! variety: ....DoPas --TPtrL "an extra half turn, H BOY center"-TeaCC
  --CirL  --AL    A8SpTop --BxGnt --Weave
! --ALIAS --Balnc --SwThr --SHing B-LStar --FullT --A8SpTop ...
      "the G go in the B move up, same one" --SHing --LSwThr --AL --Weave

At the end of the record... (last 8 - 16 beats)

  after TeaCC: --AL Swing "your own"
  --AL     --SCirW  --RearB  --SldTh