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Plus Stir The Bucket Routines
Rich Reel   7 Oct 2001

How do I read this?   In the list below, each line going across has a complete bucket stir.   When a line appears indented, calls are shared in common with a line above it.   Use the first call(s) from the nearest line(s) above it that have calls starting from the left hand side.   More information on Indented Call Sharing   Abbreviations Explained

  H-SqTh4 --SpChT G-Cir2  B-Run   --BendL --PasTh --WhlDl C-Sweep
  --4LChn H-SqTh2 --PsTTC C-PtTrd- -&Roll
          H-PsOcn --PingP C-LnCyc
  H-LeadR --VeerL --AcDcy --BendL --RvFlt --StrTh --DivTh C-StrTh
  H-RLT   A-4LChn S-SldTh --DixiG "make the last hand"-SldTh
  H-PsOcn VCTrd   --PingP VCTrd-   -LnCyc
 (H-DoSaD)H-FanTp --PingP C-FanTp- -RLT
  H-FltWh-LeadR Cir2L GrSwT "who are the center 4?" C4Recyc OBRunR-BendL
  H-SqTh2 --RLT   --DivTh --DPT   --1L.2R --PsOcn --Recyc --PasTh "beside you" --CalTw C-Roll

  --WlkAC --DoPas --TPtrL --AThar --Expl&  (timing is crucial)
! H-LeadR StrTh RvFlt &Roll Col.C A-Trd &Roll RLT SqTh2 1/2of- TrdBy Expl&
  4GPasTh "meet opposite guy" DoSaD "make Alamo Wave" SwThr &Roll "bow cnr"