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... nuggets of Modern Western Square Dance choreography ...
calls and short call sequences organized by starting formation, arrangement, and flow
  Rich Reel     23 Sep 2000

Choreo Bits came about as I began sight calling and wondered... "Ok, I'm in this formation, what can I call?"  Like most callers, I started writing everything one could call from each formation.  The list has grown into Choreo Bits and now you may "compare notes".  Dancers enjoy variety so I study these Choreo Bits before I call to expand the choreography I use in every formation.

The easiest way to choose a formation is from the index of formations at the top of this and all Choreo Bits pages.   It would be handy to know the one or two letter formation designators.   Click NOTATION for an overview of all website notation, including formation notation.

Many formations have both a right handed (R-H) and left handed (L-H) form.   The formation letter links above the line in the index at the top of Choreo Bits pages go to the R-H form of the formation if applicable.   From there you may choose the L-H or other forms by selecting links below the line in the index.   Formations with a "mix-handed" form (part R-H and part L-H) will have these additional links.

There are several other ways to navigate Choreo Bits....

Formation Index - recommended for those new to this website.   It has direct links to Choreo Bits and has the formation names listed right next to the formation letters for easy identification.   It also has links to other helpful resources on this website.
Easy Index Frame - navigate the entire website from a convenient frame.   It also has handy pull-downs for quick reference to website notation.
Formation/Arrangement Diagrams - simple text-based diagrams with links to get-outs as well as Choreo Bits.   This is the only way to jump directly to Choreo Bits for a specific arrangement in each formation.


Choreo Bits emphasize "Standard Arrangements" and smooth dance flow.