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Choreo Bits from
[C] R-H Column
Rich Reel   23 Sep 2000

 Formation     ------------------  Arrangement  ------------------
    [C]        0         5         1         2         3         4
    ^ v       g B       B g       g B       B g       B B       g g

    ^ v       B g       g B       g B       B g       g g       B B

    ^ v       g B       B g       B g       g B       g g       B B

    ^ v       B g       g B       B g       g B       B B       g g

[0C] Norm R-H Column

    --Col.C [5C]  (SFCir, A8Cir, Cir)
    --SpltC [5C]
    G-Run   [5B]
    B-Run   [0T]
    --SHing  (B-TrdL) [5TW]
    "each box"--Wk&Dg [0T]
    A-Trd   [5C]
             --FaceI (same as FaceR or &Roll) [0L]
    A-Scoot [5C]
     -Ca3/4 [0TW]
    "6 Walk, 2 Dodge" C-Wk&Dg [0M]  (gimmick)  --Andy Shore
  ! "look for G in front of B" A-Zoom
  ! B-Scoot, G-Col.C [5C]
    A-"grand"-Clovr "all follow #1" C4-"single"-DPT --DixiS [L.0TW] (gimmick)
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --Coord [0F]
             BendL [0L]
             ChDTL [0L]
             "but G make your trade a"-Ca3/4 [0D]  (gimmick)
  !          --&Sprd [5F]
    A-Trd    --&Roll [0L]
    A-Scoot [5C]  ("everyone"-Scoot)
    --SHing  G-Fold  (B-Trd)  --PeelT [0W]  (call quickly)
    --Col.C  --1-1/2  G-Trd-   -&Sprd  B-D.Cir  B-FlipD  A-FlipD [0W]
  ! --PeelO [L.0F]

[5C] Sash R-H Column

    --Col.C [0C]
    B-Run   [0B]
    --SHing [0TW]
             G-TrdL   --SHing [0C]
                      --Recyc [0L]
  !          --FanTp [0W]
             --RLT   [0L]
    --Ca3/4 (B-TrdL) [5TW]
    --SpltC [0C]
    C-BxCir  B-Run   [0P]
    --FaceI (same as FaceR) [0L]
    A-Scoot [0C]
  ! C4Wk&Dg  G-PasTh  C4Wk&Dg  --CtrIn  --Ca3/4 [0L]

[1C] R-H Column, #1 and #2 are Girls

    --Col.C  "same sexes"-Trd  --Col.C  B-Run   [0P]
    G-UTurn [0P]
    C-BxCir  --Col.C  B-Run [0B]
  ! G-Scoot, B-DPT   [2C]

[2C] R-H Column, #1 and #2 are Boys

    B-Run   [0P]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
  ! G-"your part"-Col.C, B-"your part"-Trak2  G-SHing [0D]

[3C] Column, G in center box

   (B-Trd,)  C4Wk&Dg  F-StrTh, O-FaceI [0L]
                      --CtrIn  --Ca3/4  C4PsOcn [5D]

[4C] Column, B in center box

   (G-Trd,)  C4Wk&Dg  --CtrIn  --Ca3/4  C4PsOcn [0D]