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Choreo Bits from
[L] Facing Lines
Rich Reel   23 Sep 2000

 Formation     ------------------  Arrangement  ------------------
    [L]        0         5         1         2         3         4
  v v v v   g B g B   B g B g   g g B B   B B g g   B g g B   g B B g

  ^ ^ ^ ^   B g B g   g B g B   B B g g   g g B B   B g g B   g B B g

[L] Facing Lines - any arrangement

    --FwdBk  (Use to convert any previous flow to neutral flow)

[0L] Norm Lines Facing   Choose flow....

[0L] Norm Lines Facing   flow=Trd/neutral

    --FwdBk  (Identify "standard lines" to help broken squares)
             --StepW [0TW]
             --1/4Mr "until the G connect" [0F]
                     "CtsyT 1/4Mr than you normally do"
    --PasTh [0LO]
    --StrTh [0B]
             --DivTh [0P]
             G-UTurn [0C]  (like Curlique)
    --SqTh3  --CtsyT [0L]
    --SqTh4 [0T]  (centers have R-H free)
             O-Clovr, C-SqTh4 [0B]  (time so C-SqTh4 comes in time)
    --SqTh2 [0T]
    --PsOcn [0W]
             B-Run    B-Trd   (--Cpl.C) [L.0F]
             G-Hinge  VCXRun  [0D]
  !          --FanTp [0TW] (call quickly)
    --T1/4  [0C]
    --SldTh [0B]
    --LT1/4  --Col.C  G-RunL  [0B]
             B-Run   [5B]
                      --SwThr [0W]  (watch cueing: Run L and R SwThr)
             B-UTurn [0B]
    --FwdBk  --TagI  [0L]
    --BxGnt  --T1/4  [5C]
                      B-Run   [0B]
             --SqTh3 [5LO]
             --TrnTh [0LO]
    --TrnTh [5LO]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --LoadB [0B]
    --PsOcn  --AcDcy [0W]
                      --LnCyc [0L]
             B-Roll   G-LHing [L.1Q]
  !                   G-PeelT [1Q]
    --SCirW  B-TrdL   --GrSwT [0TW]
    --SqT@3 (--Balnc) [0TW]
    --PsOcn  --&Sprd  [L.0W]  "it's a lefty, B's in the middle"
  ! --SldTh  --&Sprd  E-XFold [0P]
  !                   --Expl& [0L]  (Expl& from inverted line)

[0L] Norm Lines Facing   flow=L (belles forward)

    --FlutW [0L]
    --2LChn [0L]
    --RollA [5L]
    --DixiS [L.0W]
    --PsOcn  C-Trd   [0W]  (same as FanTp)
    --GW.BD [L.1W]
             G-RunL  [0L]
             --LHing [L.0W]  (much like DixiS)
    G-RunL  [L.1W]
             C-Trd    C-RunL   --BendL [1L]
             --LHing (B-Trd) [L.0W]  (near overflow for G)
  ! --FanTp [0W]
  ! --1/2of-  -RollA [1B]
  ! --1/2of-  -HSash [1P] "Not RollA!"
                      "G in the center" G-SwThr [1Q]
  ! --HSash  --1-1/2 [2P]
                      "B in the center" B-SwThr [2Q]
    "put the lady in the lead for a" DPT [2M]  (gimmick)
  ! B-"stand still", G-StepA-"to L-H" G-LSwTh- G-BakUp [0L]  (gimmick)
    --4LChn [0L]  (apparently quite common in Europe)
    --4LCh3 [0L]

[0L] Norm Lines Facing   flow=R (beaus forward)

    --RvFlt [0L]
    --RLT   [0L]
    --PsOcn [0W]
  !          "again from here..." --PsOcn [0TW]
    B-RunR  [2W]
    --LT1/4 [L.0C]
    --BW.GD [2W]
             B-Run   [0L]
             --SHing [0W]
    B-StepA- B-SwThr  --Ext [1W]
  ! B-Scoot, G-"Dodge" [2W]  (gimmick)

[0L] Norm Lines Facing   flow=Out (center forward)

    C-BxGnt  A-SldTh [0P]
    C-BxGnt-  -SqTh4, E-SldTh [0B]
              -T1/4   C-Wk&Dg, E-SldTh [0B]
              -SpTop, E-SldTh [0Q]
    C-PasTh  "use whichever hand" --SHing  C-PasTh  --Ca3/4 [0L]
    C-PasTh-  -Clovr, O-SldTh  --&Sprd [0L]  (equiv to PasTh BendL)
    C-SqTh3, E-PasTh  A-WhlDl [0P]  (time carefully for best flow)
  ! C-StepW-  -SpTop, E-SldTh [0Q]

[0L] Norm Lines Facing   flow=In (ends forward)

    --BendL [0L]
    --TagI  [0L]
    --Tag    --CtrIn  --Ca3/4 [0L]
    E-StrTh, C-PasTh  C-SepA1 [0L]
    E-PasTh  E-Run   [2L]
  ! --WhlDl [0M]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --LoadB [0B]

[5L] Sash Lines Facing

    --BxGnt (--RLT)  [0L]
             --PsOcn [0W]
    --PasTh [5LO]
    --StrTh [0T]
              -CalTw [0B]
    --T1/4   B-Run   [0B]
    --TrnTh [0LO]
             --CtsyT [0L]
    --StepW  --SpTop  --Recyc [0B]
    --PsOcn  --SpTop [0TW]
    --BxGnt  --BackA  --BendL [0L]
    G-RunR  [1W]
             G-Fold  [2P]
    B-RunL  [L.2W]
             B-Fold  [1P]
    C-PasTh  E-Fold  [0M]
    C-RLT,   E-PasTh  --SHing  C-PtTrd [5L]
    C-SqTh4, E-StrTh  --CtrIn [1LO]  (time carefully for best flow)
    C-PsOcn, E-T1/4   G-PasTh [0RF]
  ! "B in the lead"   --DixiS [L.5W]
                               --ChDTL [0L]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --T1/4   --&Roll [0L]
    --SldTh  --&Roll [0L]
    --SCir3 [0C]  "make a column"

[1L] BBGG Lines Facing - Boys As-Couples Beaus

    --StrTh [0P]
    --PasTh [1LO]
    --T1/4   --Col.C (G-Trd)  (B-Trd)   --Col.C  B-Run   [0P]
    C-SqTh4, E-SldTh [0B]
    C-SqTh3, E-PasTh  --WhlDl [1P]
    C-PsOcn, E-SldTh  --Ext   [0W]
    C-BxGnt  A-RLT
    C-RLT    C-RollA  A-RLT    A-RollA  --Twice ("Roll HIM away") [0L]
    C-PasTh- --Clovr, O-StrTh [0P]
    E-PasTh  E-Run   [0L]
    C-RLT,  E-PasTh   E-Run   [0L]
    --SqTh4  C-SwThr, E-Trd    --Ext   [0W]
             C-PasTh  --CtrIn  --Ca3/4 [0L]
    --1/2Tg [5W]
    C-T1/4-   -Wk&Dg, E-StrTh [0B]
    --PsOcn [3W]
             --SHing  C-Trd    B-Run   [0L]
             --A8Cir  --SwThr  B-Run   [0L]
    G-BendL  --Cpl.C  B-BendL  (simple t-bone)
  ! B-Sp2A1 ("split the G in 2") "lines are offset - keep the offset"...
        ..."C box of 4 facing directly"-RLT- -SqTh4, O-LeadR [4B]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
  ! C-SCirW-  -FanTp--&Roll  VCPasTh "waves of 3"-SwThr E-PasTh --Cir2L [0L]
  ! E-PasTh  --ExpWv  (ExplWv from outverted lines)
  ! E-PasTh  --SHing  --ExpWv  (ExplWv from outverted lines)
  ! E-PasTh  --Recyc "who goes in front?"
  ! --SqThr-"G-3, B-4" "G as couple, B as column"-Cir G-Roll C-Wk&Dg [0B]

[2L] GGBB Lines Facing - Girls As-Couples Beaus

    --T1/4   B-Run   [0P]
    --BendL [1L]
    --StrTh [0M]
             --CalTw [0P]
             LrCalTw [0B]
                      --DivTh [0P] ("outsides dive in")
             --UTurn [5P]
             --CtrIn [1LO]
    --SqTh2  C-SwThr, E-Trd   [0Q]
             C-PasTh  --CtrIn  --Ca3/4 [0L]
   (C4FwdBk) C-PasTh  C-Run   [0L]
  ! --Tag   [0M]
  ! --1/2Tg [0W]
  ! --FaceI [0P]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    --LoadB [4B]  (easy: ends have the sashayed part)
             --SwThr  B-Run   [0L]
    --StrTh  --Trak2 [0W]

[3L] BGGB Lines Facing - G are centers

    G-FwdBk   (emphasizes where girls are)
    --PasTh [3LO]
             --WhlDl [3P]
             --TagL  [L.0F]
             --Tag    --Clovr [1P]
             --BendL  --Twice [4L]
    G-PasTh  G-Run   [4L]
             B-Run    --BendL [4L]
             --GW.BD [2T]
    B-PasTh  G-PasTh  --GW.BD [2M]
    C-SqTh4  E-PasTh-  -FaceI ("face the centers") [1B]
    --LT1/4  --Col.C  G-RunL  [0P]
  ! B-LT1/4, G-SldTh  "L-H column" --Col.C  G-RunL  [0P]
  ! "same sex"--SldTh  "G have L hands, B have R hands"  F-PasTh [0T]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    B-LoadB, G-SqTh4 [1B]  (R-H free)
             G-SpTop [1Q]
  !          G-T1/4-   -Wk&Dg [3B]
    --PasTh  --3/4Tg  B-SwThr, G-FaceR [5D]
  ! B-PasTh, G-PsOcn  --Cut.D [Lri]   (cutters PtTrd)
                               B-PsOcn [5D]

[4L] GBBG Lines Facing - B are centers

    B-FwdBk   (emphasizes where boys are)
    --PsOcn  B-Run   [0L]
    --T1/4   --Col.C  B-Run   [0P]
    --PasTh [4LO]
             --TagR  [0F]
             --Tag    --Clovr [2P]
             --WhlDl [4P]
    B-PasTh  B-Run   [3L]
             G-Run    --BendL [3L]
             --BW.GD [1T]
    G-PasTh  B-PasTh  --BW.GD [1M]
                               A-Trd   [1P]
    C-SqTh4  E-PasTh-  -FaceI  ("face the centers") [2B]
    G-T1/4,  B-SldTh  --Col.C  B-Run   [0P]  (easy same sex SldTh)
  ! "same sex"--SldTh  "G have L hands, B have R hands"  F-PasTh [0T]
   Plus - - - - - - - -
    G-LoadB, B-SqTh4 [2B]  (R-H free)
             B-SpTop [2Q]
    --PasTh  --3/4Tg  G-SwThr, B-FaceR [0D]
  ! G-PasTh, B-PsOcn  --Cut.D [Lri]   (cutters PtTrd)
                               G-PsOcn [0D]