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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Plus Choreo
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002

"including many blatently stolen from open dances"

  from sausage: A8Cir (Sausage Circulate)
  [Q] B-only-PingP
  ChasR / LChas - C-hold the wave
  [L.W] C-Hing [facing D] Cut.D [RH-W]
  WhlDl  &Sprd from nonstandard sex arrng.
  FYNbr  &Sprd  again.. FYNbr  &Sprd
  Cut.D  CtsyT "like ChDTL to look back in. We've got lines" [0L]
  "Grand Scoot" = 3Scoo
  BxGnt equiv: T1/4  &Roll
  BxGnt equiv: SldTh  &Roll
  LoadB- C-3.5
  LoadB "but when the ends meet the 3rd person"-T1/4
  "everyone only do 3 parts"-LoadB
  from Magic Col: A-Trd- &Roll
  from 3-1 lines: C-ChasR
  [W] "just the B"-Sprd [inverted lines]
  From [D]: C-TrdWv  Ca3/4  SwThr
  WlkAC  TPtrL  all the way around  H-TeaCC
  SpChX "triple exchange": norm R shoulders, then L shoulders, then R
    shoulders  finish Walk Out To A Wave
  T1/4  &Roll  VeerL
  FYNbr <pause> &Sprd
  Reverse-SCirW "we've got a leftie"
  [W] --A8Cir-1-1/2 C-D.Cir C-FlipD C6-...
  [QD] E-"work through the diamond"-SqTh3
  A8SpTop A8Recyc
  [M] PeelO B-BendL : pinwheels
!!ReDcy from [F], [L.F], [Lro] (!!!)
! SpChG from [F]
  T-Bone: LoadB E-&Roll
  T-Bone: TrdBy E-&Roll
! [L.Q] Ext Twice  ("double Ext")
  Thar: C-"make a star and Trade through the middle"
  [3-1 D with ends facing out] FlipD  C-PsOcn [D]
!                                     --&Roll [P]
!                              Cut.D  C-PsOcn [D]
!                                     --&Roll [P]
  B-"only"-Sprd / G-"only"-Sprd  [inverted lines]
  [L.W] LHing &Roll
  [F] .5Cir "Flip a center diamond 3 times"
  [Z] Ext
  [LO] ChasR by Tag
  SwThr &Sprd SwThr
  D-Cir (PingP, etc.) H-Roll "out there" -Dave Wilson
  1/2-Roll to end at 45deg - Dave Wilson
  AL BxGnt WWGrd A8SpTop
  SpChX "turn that star a full turn, that trader B lead"  -Jet Roberts 3/99
  [QB] C-SHing VCHinge F-PasTh
  [TW] GrSwT E4Roll, C-SpTop &Sprd...
   v ^ v ^
      ^...VC-Arch "working S.F." E-DixiS AThar
   v v
  ^   v
   ^ ^...E-SqTh3, C-"any chance you get"-D.Cir  --Larry Letson  3/99
  [TF] Cpl.H &Roll DixiG
[L.D] "get your left chopper ready" Cut.D
[0Q] PingP 1-1/2 [0W]  (gimmick)
[5W] SwThr B-Fold, G-Sprd, B-StepA [L.0F]  (call quickly)
[3L] B-LoadB, G-SqTh3, G-SepA1  (correct timing can make this very interesting)
[SS] GrSqr variation:
  Whenever you meet someone after walking forward, replace usual PairOff action with StrTh and continue (BkAwy)
  At 'reverse' point, replace the FwdBk (patty cake) part w/ StrTh &Roll then continue backing away
  (or replace w/ single circle 1/2 and continue backing away)
[SS] 'Alternating TeaCC' (everybody gets to do both the inside part and the outside part):
  Start as normal TeaCC, but all ArmT on the OUTSIDE go an extra 1/2 turn (the stars turn on the inside the
  usual amount: L=3/4, R=5/4)  After first extra 1/2 turn, B go into the star w/ free hand, G now do B's part
  standing ready to ArmT w/ the next B that comes at them.  After this extra 1/2 turn, G go into the star w/
  free hand, B stand ready to ArmT w/ the next G.  Continue till CtsyT w/ original Ptr at home.
[SS] 'Everybody Chain':
  Girls: 4LChn 4LChn 4LChn 4LChn
  Boys: HB-"work to your R", SB-"work to your L"-RP.By (with a B) CtsyT (a G) RP.By CtsyT RP.By CtsyT RP.By CtsyT
[TW] SHing &Roll "Keep Bending" (Prom) (new call I made up: Keep Bending)
[TL]/[T3-1L] C6-1/2Tg "same 6"- 1/20f- Cir
[0C] "Grand Scoot Back"
[0TW] GrSwT VC-Run E-Hinge C-1/2Tg B-Run [0P]
[L.TF] "grand line of 8" 1/2Tg
[0L] SqT@3 RLT (easy intro to on 3)
[Lil] Coord (outsides crash w/ R-H)
[W] ! SwThr C-Hinge- SwThr C-Hinge SwThr = AcDcy  (R-H waves only)
[F] zero: BendL T1/4 Coord C-Cir
[5LO] 3/4Tg C-TrnTh [0M]
[4L] Ca1/2 &Roll
[0W] SpChT G-UTurn "after VCTrd STOP look for diamonds" [L.0D]
[I.L],[O.L] Expl&
[5L] DixiS ChDTL  -Vic Ceder
[L.1W] TrdWv B-Twice [0L]  -Vic Ceder
! ring fig: H-TrnTh S-TrnTh CirR CalTw &Roll PasTh RLG
[3LO]/[4LO] BendL &Roll
[0W] SwThr B-Roll-  T1/4 [0F]
                    SwThr [5D]
[0W] SwThr B-Hinge- SwThr- &Roll- T1/4 [5D]
                                  DoSaD- ToWav [0F]
                                  B-VeerL [0F]
[0W] SwThr B-Hinge- &Roll- T1/4 [5D]
[5W] SwThr G-LHing- &Roll- SCirW [5F]
[5D] FlipD G-Hinge- SwThr- &Roll- T1/4 [0D]
[5D] B-Hinge (B-Cir) B-FYNbr- &Sprd
[5D] B-ExpWv B-Run- &Roll, G-Hinge
             B-Clovr, G-SldTg- Trd- &Roll
[L.W] LHing &Roll (R-H call)
[2W] C-SHing- &Roll- PasTh "arch" DivTh, E-SldTg
[Lro] AcDcy
[0D] G-Recyc- &Roll [0W]
[L.5TW] B-Fold- &Roll [0D]
[TW] GrSwT VEUTurn
[0W] G-Trd &Sprd B-Trd &Sprd = SwThr Twice (RLT effect)
Fold = 1/2of- Run &Roll
[W] SwThr &Roll C-SwThr- &Roll VCPasTh- T1/4
Expl& UTurn
Expl& CalTw
cue: [X.D] "G stick your left hands in and" Cut.D  -Vic Ceder
[L] C-DixiS- -&Roll A-FaceL [D]  -Dave Decot
[0TW] GrSwT SpTop
[5TW] B-Run G-Trd B-Run B-Trd [5TW] GrSwT [0TW]
[L.TW] LGSwT &Roll [TB] DoSaD ToWav [C]
[0L] E-PasTh C-Run- -&Roll "new"-C-Clovr [0P]
[0D] B-Box.C- D.Cir, G-PingP
[4L] B-Run &Roll G-PsOcn [1Q]
[4LO] B-Run &Roll G-ChasR- -SHing
[2C] B-Clovr, G-PeelO- BendL B-"split the G - both go R around 1 G to a line" [1L]
[0L] E-LoadB C-SCirW- FanTp [0P]
[W] AcDcy B-Twice
[0L] VCB-PasTh "with each other" Coord
[4L] B-SqTh4 ... G-LoadB B-"snap your fingers and a G will appear!"  -Debora Parnell
[1W] Scoot G-Roll- Twice [0LO]
!! [L] DoSaD AcDcy
[1W] Scoot "everybody"-Roll "except the B who can't"
[5W] G-Fold "G reach in for a" PeelT
[0LO] C-Run E-LoadB, C-ChasR- SHing [0Q]
[0W] Expl& [0L]
[L.1F] Feris B-Roll G-SwThr [0D]
[L] equiv: HSash = PsOcn Expl& BxGnt
[0L] PsOcn Expl& to change sequence for getouts starting w/ RLT
[3L] B-LoadB
[5D] Cut.D Tag
[L.0F] "do only the first part..."-XFire A-PeelT
[0C] Coord C-Hinge
[L] E-LoadB C-T1/4- -Wk&Dg
[2W] G-"take a peek", B-TrdWv  (also for asymetric wave of G, wave of B)
[5TW] GrSwT &Roll VCPasTh
[0F] G-Trd- &Roll
[5W] SwThr B-Cir, G-Roll- -SwThr  (call quickly)
[W2p] Expl& BxGnt "beside you" PtTrd &Roll
[1LO]/[2LO]/[1F]/[2F]/[L.1F]/[L.2F] WhlDl B/G-Roll (ends or centers)
[2M] PeelO G/B-Roll (ends or centers)
[W] Expl& TrnTh
[L] SqT@3 GrSwT
[0LO] BendL &Roll C-SwThr
[5W] SwThr &Sprd SwThr ChDTL
[0W] SwThr &Sprd LSwTh &Sprd (flow for FanTp, etc.)

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