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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Mainstream Choreo
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002

"collected from absolutly everywhere"

[L.5TW] ChDTL [0B]
[W] ! SHing C-Trd DoSaD
[GTL] Tag "your line of 8"
[0LO] G-Trd FanTp
[0F] Tag UTurn [2P]
[0L] equiv: BxGnt = PsOcn SHing G-Run = PsOcn G-Run BendL
[0L] SqTh4 Twice "...if you can! or..." Clovr [0B] (R-H free)
[TW] A-Fold [L]
[0L] E-PasTh C-Fold [0M]
[L.0W] (DixiS) B-Trd G-Run ChDTL
[0LO] G-"back up walk", B-Dodge  (gimmick)
[0F] BendL B-Fold
[3TW] Recyc CirL G-FwdBk
[CM] CtrIn Ca3/4
[W] Wk&Dg C-XRun
[5LO] E-BendL- StrTh CtrIn [1LO]
! [TL] Ca3/4
[3LO] E-XFold T1/4
[0Q] A-Scoot C-TurnT, E-UTurn AL
[D] C-SpTop- Twice, E-Cir- Twice  -Vic Ceder
[TF] Cpl.H C-Hinge [D]
[D] C-Hinge Cpl.H [TF]
[0TD] B-"your part"-FanTp [0F]
[0W] FanTp B-Twice [0D]
[5W] FanTp (or [0W] SpTop) TrnTh
[5L] E-PasTh (C-RLT) E-Fold [0P]
[0L] E-PasTh SHing E-PasTh A-WhlDl [0P]
[X.D] / [F.D] C-Hinge A-Hinge C-Hinge
[AF] 1/2Tg RLG
[1W] SpltC B-Fold [1P]
[LO] UTurn "You"-TrnTh  (a confusing zero)
[0W] SpChT SpTop
Eqiv: [W] E-XFold = E-Recyc
[O.L] C-PtTrd Tag...
[0L] E-PasTh A-Trd C-PasTh Ca3/4
[3-1L] B-Feris, G-Recyc
[M] CtrIn C-Run C-CalTw
[0C] G-Fold "behind the B's behind. Congo line" DPT  -Larry Letson 3/99
[3L] G-FwdBk G-PsOcn G-Hinge ChDTL
[W] A8Cir C-Hinge
[1W] G-Fold StrTh Feris
[L.0W] (DixiS) TagR
[L.0W] (DixiS) B-Trd LSwTh "like a ChDTL" CtsyT
[L.0W] (DixiS) "(boys with the) right (hand)" SwThr
[TF] "each side to your R" 1/2Tg
[1LO] E-Fold DivTh C-SwThr
[0W] SpChT G-Roll  (call quickly!)
[T]/[R] TrnTh  (bogus?)
pinwheel formation, B in tandem: B-CtrIn-Ca3/4
[1W] Wk&Dg "walkers"-Fold "should be the B's"
[LO] discover arrangement: G/B-XFold
[0W] Scoot B-Scoot Scoot G-Scoot (like Crazy)
[1AW] B-TrdL B-Run Clovr [0P]
! 1/2 Scoot  Cpl.C
DoSaD  SeeSaw  AL  TrnTh... rapid fire in random order
All 4 Couples Equiv: Face Corner  PasTh 3X  CtsyT w/ partner
   "    "     "      Face Corner  RLG "3 hands" meet partner CtsyT
4LDixiS to AlmTh
from [Pr.SF] G-UTurn  DixiS (to an Alamo)
Differnt ways of saying the same thing: C-Trd  A-TrdR  C-Ca1/2
  A-Run (Everyone Run) "I mean it!"  C-SHing  Twice  SwThr  1-1/2  LSwTh
[0T] C-SqTh2  C-SepA1  E-Fold -or- E-XFold -or- E-Run
[0Q] B-"only"-Ext  Recyc  DPT
[0B] SeSaw "to a L-H wave"
G-WalkA (similar effect as GW.BD)
[0C] B-only-Ext "finish a"-Feris
Reverse Sashay
[W]: SHing  LSwTh
[TW] find the sexes: --SHing B-UTurn
after calling a bunch of hard calls ending in [0B], say "carefully!"-SldTh
TagR B-RunR or B-TrdR
asymmetric [LO] w/ B together: B-XFold
[1LO] B-XFold "G stand still"-B-PasTh
general lines: C-Wk&Dg Ca3/4
(after AL, etc...) DixiS "make an Alamo Ring"
[W] SHing G-UTurn Prom
[W] SHing G-UTurn B-Trd Prom
[5W] AcDcy RLG
Getting into/outof 45deg [W] / generalized [Q] formations: "little tiny 1/2 a Hinge"
[S] H-PsOcn &Roll "as if you could" F-SldTh indefinately
CtrIn C-Fold
SpChT G-Cir- -1-1/2 [galaxy]
asymmetric get-in: H-LeadR --RLT 8Chn-"your couple number"  --Del Powell 4/99
[B] TrnTh C-LTrnT CtrIn
AL DixiS Alamo
WWGrd DixiS Alamo
[3-1L] C-Wk&Dg B-Run (or B-RollA)
[0W] SwThr B-Wk&Dg (expecting B-Run)
H-DixiS VC-"arch" S-DixiS "under the arch" S-LSwTh "change arches" H-LSwTh

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