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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Basic Choreo
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002

"including a few of my own ideas"

[SS] 'Cheeky GrSqr': S-Face A-UTurn dance in reverse (as if steering with your buns) at the usual places
        turn 1/4 so your butt faces into the square
[SS] GrSqr variation: H-StrTh SFGrSqr - use the same rules and dance in a slightly different pattern
[SS] SFGrSqr "5 steps" [0L]  -Tim Crawford
[L.5Q] Ext ChDTL
[5L.W] Ext ChDTL "in the middle"
[1LO] C-CalTw, E-UTurn [5L]
[B] ! T1/4 C-Trd DoSaD  (disorienting / unusual DoSaD from W)
[0B](across the square from home) PasTh TrdBy PasTh TrdBy PasTh TrdBy C-FaceI <at home>  (easy call stacking)
[0C] Col.C FaceI RLT
[1LO] "same sex" PtTrd [2L]
[0L] B-"up to the middle"-SwThr "B back out" 2LChn
[C] Col.C 3X
[1LO] G-UTurn  (class level choreo)
[AW] SwThr B-Run CirR CalTw CirL
[W] A-Run ("EVERYBODY Run!" - use after several Runs when a miniwave trade is expected)
[W] 1/2of- SwThr, 1/2of- LSwTh  -Ron Hirsch
[L] E-PasTh 1/2of- E-Run
[L.5W] G-Cir B-Cir ChDTL (call quickly)
[5LO] ! ?-CalTw E-Run [0L]
??? H-PasTh Cir-"C.W." A-CalTw Cir-"C.W." "Miniwaves"-Trd H-CalTw CirL  (out of seq??)
[L.1F] Prom DontS G-WhlAr
[5W] B-Run-"and"-Cir ambiguity
[W] SHing = RearB T1/4  (you want to call it but it's not on the list!)
[1LO] E-BendL- StrTh [0B]
[5C] G-Run A-UTurn [0B]
[2LO] BendL FaceI DPT [0M]
[W] RearB LSwTh {L.W] (convert R-H to L-H wave, test knowledge of RearB)
[3B] SqTh4
[0C] B-Run A-FaceI
[1F] C-Trd BendL (nice way to get into [3L]/[4L]
[0L] "do not PasTh" A-WhlDl [0M]
[3F]/[4F] G/B-"distorted box"-Cir
[0L] E-PasTh C-Run- A-BendL [1L] (call 4 times is a zero)
[0P] C-CirL 1/4 C-BW.GD C-Hinge [0Q]
RLG ... To An Allemande Thar
[F.C]/[X.C] LrUTurn / TrUTurn
[0F] BendL B-FwdBk FltWh (flow reversal)
[SS] DoPas TPtrL Swing "the corner"  -Andy Finch
[SS] H-PasTh- -RollA, S-RollA- -PasTh JoinH Cir-"C.W." A-CalTw CirL (changes partner)
Shoot  Alamo  (Shoot the star in the Alamo Style)
in singing call after Feris: C-DoSaD  "face 'em" PasTh
4LChn  LyCtr Bk2Bk  4BPr1/2 ...???
...RLG  StrTh (w/ Ptr - now facing out) CirR  CalTw  CirL
...Alamo B-RunR  <same as above>
CirR  "ladies in with a half sashay"  CirR
CirL  "gentlemen center, ladies sashay"
convert flow in ring figure: L-Arm to the partner  YelRk corner ...
CirL  H-LyIMS (let her out around one boy)
[S]: face your corner  StrTh  CirL...
B together Trd, G together Trd  C together Trd
[0B] SeSaw "to a L-H wave"
Reverse Sashay
B-Run "runners Walk others Dodge" "walkers trade" "traders run" "others..."...
mimic all 4 couples: Face Corner  PasTh "Pass the next. Pass The next" CtsyT your partner
[S] H-LeadR "Circle To A Circle" CirL  ("Circle up 4 Head man break make a Circle")
Alamo: SwThr AL "hang on!"
singing call: H-Pr1/2, S-2LChn
singing call: H-Pr1/2 H-RLT S-2LCh3 "H men Roll 'em Away" CirL (all in seq)
singing call: just before final figure say "girls should be one from home"
from [0QF] C-Tag "S.F. 1st go L Around 1, 2nd go L Around 2" [0L]
/-RollA "turn your back on your partner" AL "with the same sex"
[GGBB Circle] G-FwdBk G-FltWh G-BkAwy B-RvFlt B-Sweep [2P]
[from Prom, out of seq] H-WhlAr H-"make an arch", S-DivTh A-Prom (in seq!)
[2W] LrRun "could be the B's"
From:  v    or   v v
      ^ ^         ^
      v v         v
       ^         ^ ^: Cir2L "of 3"
From facing line of 3: VCPasTh (or E-PasTh) "wave of 3"-SwThr
from RLG circle same sex facing: DoSaDo  SldTh
ALIAS "Circle C.W."
ALIAS "Cast Off your couple number in quarters" (if B-Run, all will face caller's left)
[S] H-Prom "inside! 1/2 way..."
B-Trd "gentalmen"-Run
get-ins that use ComIn
[3B]/[4B] Circle up 4...Where are the Gs?"...G break make a line of 4
--4LChn G-RunL "check an Alamo wave"
T-bone get-in: H-LT1/4 B-LT1/4
G-StarL  StrPr
B-StarR  StrPr
B-BkTrk  2nd time TPtrR
B-LStar  StrPr  B-Run  1-1/2  AL
"everybody"-LStar (same as Pr.SF)
v v
^ ^ v v
    ^ ^...PasTh "like a" Feris
"original"-HGTrd / SBTrd / etc. (= VCTrd)
Intro night: Face your partner, Face you corner, Face your partner
ring: "meet your corner" StrTh CirL "(B get your skirts ready) B in ladies sashay" CirL
Intro night: [S] G-CirL "inside"  BkAwy "when you get back home"
[0T],[3M]: 1/2-UTurn
HB-LStar "pick up partner" StrPr "pick up corner" StrPr "pick up the last one" StrPr
"blind in tandem" (leaders or trailers steer tandems)  -Larry Letson 3/99
2 couple: couple nearest the caller Arch, O-DivTh
[3-1L] G-Feris, B-Recyc
9 Pin
2 couple: E-Pr1/4 = Isolate
asymmetric: "hug your opposite - they're right in front of you"
Hand shake = PulBy : Hands up = Cast with them
[0Q] C-SwThr, E-RollA (or HSash)
C-WhlAr "to face the folks behind"
"by the R" SwThr
4LChn / 2LChn "B have something to do"
4LCh3 "G count 3 B, B count 3 G"
6-pin: number everyone 1-6, CirL, doesn't matter where you start
...H-StarL "go 1 full turn around"
HBLeadR Cir2L ("Circle up 3") H-2LCh3, E-PasTh, C-RollA- PasTh
LyIMS "should end between partner and corner"
[1T] PasTh TrdBy B-SldTh, G-PasTh- -SwThr [0D]
3-1 Line ChDTL
ALIAS "hang on both hands and" Balnc "awhile"
LyIMS: G go in, the B slide left (or CirL)
Cir2L RvFlt
C-Trd- "and" -Run
Reverse WhlAr
DoSaD "back away"
H-BxGnt R.PBy SepA1 [0L]
lets pause here and think about your <call name>
teach RLG for slow learners: face ptr B side step out and walk forward around the ring this way step back in and face ptr (G same thing)
SlipC 4 times  (A8SpTop)
H-BxGnt SwThr
    <  >
> >      < <
    <  >  DivTh  -Andy Shore
[LO] WhlDl C-FltWh
[B] Splt2 TrdBy
[P] C-SqThr  (dancers assume 3)
"Ldy in the lead" DPT "B follow her"
Module: T1/4 (or SHing) C-Trd SpltC
HB-"face your corner" StrTh FwdBk SqTh4 SwThr B-Run  (at 45 deg)
GrSqr: "there is a person in your square in line with your shoulder, turn to face them"
teach: H-4 Star Fig RLT Star Fig RLT Sw&Pr
Cpl.C is like a tractor tread
[S] H-PasTh- -WhlAr
H-SqTh2 DoSaD StarFig RLT PasTh TrdBy
[L.F] 1/2of- WhlAr
cue: 4LChn "count 2"
[S] "face cnr" A-StrTh "original"-H-FwdBk [5S]
SwThr: "step to a wave, do the entire call"
*sing* "Make Up Your Own" figures
[TL] "each side"-BendL C-WhlAr
B-Run "around the G who slides in/out/over"
[C] Col.C SFCir A8Cir
[W] B-Trd C-Trd B-Trd "same boys"
SqThr- G-3, B-4

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