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Square Dance Teaching Points
Rich Reel   23 Aug 2002

Unsorted Teaching Ideas

ScootAndWeave: from [W]: Scoot + "any hand"-1/4Thru
ScootAndWeave: from [Q]: Ext + Trd + "any hand"-1/4Thru
"centers and ends call"  (e.g. CastAShadow)
ScootAndWeave: Scoot + any hand 1/4Thru   ZERO: ScootAndWeave + Hinge
TurnAndDeal: "notice that wall behind you" 1/2Tg "face that wall"
  after face center of line of 4 C pass R shoulders, E aim for R shoulders
PairOff: "take the one you are facing as your partner to face out" (the "big" (8 dancer) out)
SplitDixie... Those that don't start this call will soon have a left hand thrust your way  -Neil Heather
CastAShadow all but two folks remain in the same quadrant
Teach PassTheSea then Expl& PassTheSea before teaching SquareChainThru
Motivate: "all stars go 1/2" (referring to outside traders as 2 person stars)
Teach PassIn the first week. Use extensively from [L]. Delay teaching QuarterIn as long as possible.
PassAndRoll "no dancer is a lead doing a Right Roll twice - if you've done one, stop before doing another"
SpinTheWindmill[in/out] ends with ends facing in/out  (same as called)
ScootChainThru "like Scoot interrupted by a SwThr"

Teaching Points - Advanced

SplitCounterRotate: to prepare for facing couples case, practice RH and LH mini-wave cases with no hands
1/4Thru: call SwThr as "1/2 Thru"