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Square Dance Teaching Points
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002

Unsorted Teaching Ideas

[L.Q] "look at that center wave" Ext
accepted usage: [AW] TrnTh
FanTp: start w/ E fancing the same way to collide. is a push cast legal?
TrnTh and Scoot are similar
if push Ca3/4 went the wrong way, the fix is to Trd (to look back in)
teach Clovr: Zoom
DixiS: teach R.PBy and LT1/4 individually first
[LO] "think which way you go on BendL. Now go the other way" Ca3/4
[TL] Ca3/4
SHing C-Cir (helps learn to see formation for A8Cir)
buzz Swing: propel yourself around a pivot point like a scooter
walk Swing: angle hips out and walk forward around each other
Wk&Dg "Keep facing the same wall, (he) walks, (she) dodges"

Mainstream Teaching Points

  Clovr  Cloverleaf
      Lead(er)s Only Cloverleaf
      Centers of line (looking out) Cloverleaf
        "go stand behind the others"
      teach: "a precise version of Separate"
             "trace the edge of a 4 leaf clover"
             "like taking the on/off ramps of cloverleaf highway interchange"
             "on each side, dancers start in tandem, one behind the other
              and remain in tandem, with the same person in the lead
              throughout the call."
             "the person that starts in the lead, stays in the lead with
              the same person behind them all the way"
      cue: "start by moving away from each other"
           "no passing on the off ramp!"

  TrnTh  Turn Thru
      from facing dancers
      from ring or after LH star
      after Alamo SwThr
      from Wave
  LTrnT  Left Turn Thru
        from LH Wave
      Turn {designated} by the Right/Left
      teach: (facing dancers) "come back to the same spot, facing the other way"
             "Turn Through is short for TURN half, step THROUGH"
             "end but-to-but with that one"
             "like AL with R-H"
             "think of it as an Allemand Right, if there was such a thing"
      [SS]: H-TrnTh SepA1 A-TrnTh E-Fold AL <at home>  --Andy Shore 4/99

  8ChTh  Eight Chain Thru
  8Chn#  Eight Chain (#)
      Eight Chain 2, 4, 6, 8
      Eight Chain 1, 3, 5, 7
      after Do Sa Do
      from waves

  PsTTC  Pass to the Center
      mixed with Dive Thru (shoulder pass different for center beau)
      from Waves
      teach: "PasTh, and if you need to, Trd to face the center"
      cue: "PasTh and the NEW outsides PtrTr"

  SpTop  Spin the Top
      from tidal waves
      starting normal ending sashayed
      from facing couples
      from LH waves
      Left Spin the Top from facing couples
      teach: "everyone Trade 1/2 by the outside hand, drop hands,
             new centers Ca3/4 while new ends move up 1/4 around
             the Casters, hook on the end to make a new wave"
             "you end with the same person you started with"
             "this call changes the axis of the wave 90 deg"
      pre-cue: "sqeeze outside hands" esp. from [L.W]
      cue: "ends move up in your own wave" esp. from [TW]
      sound effect: "189!"

  CtrIn  (Put) Centers In
  CtrOu  (Put) Centers Out
      from 8 Chain formation
      (Put) Centers Out

  Ca#/4  Cast Off #/4
      not after CtrIn
      Push Cast
      Arm Turn
        Forearm Grip
        Arm turn as used in definitions
      Cast Off as used in definitions
      Styling: arms akimbo
      teach: "like a swinging gate - center is gate, end is a gate post"
             "center moves forward, ends back up slightly"
             "like Clovr - AWAY from the center"
             "note which way your left shoulder is aiming - Cast R 3/4"
      cue: [F] "Cast left 3/4"
           [LO] "Cast away 3/4"

  Wk&Dg  Walk and Dodge
      from #1 waves
      from mixed sex waves
      from columns
      from columns of 6
      from Alamo Ring - All 8 Walk And Dodge
      {designated} Walk, {designated} Dodge
  BW.GD  Boy Walk, Girl Dodge
  GW.BD  Girl Walk, Boy Dodge
      Use BW.GD in normal Wk&Dg situation before calling BW.GD from [L] or [B]
  B-WalkA   Singing call: Boy Walk Across; Swing & Promenade
      teach: "This probably should be called Walk Or Dodge since you do
             one or the other, not both"
      cue: "noone changes the wall they are facing throughout this call"
           "Stay in your box of 4"

  SldTh  Slide Thru
      from 8 chain formation / lines
      from waves (after Swing Thru)
      from [0TW] after SpTop
      facing same sex
        from [L], ending in magic column
          before same sex SldTh, call B/G-FwdBk
          pre-cue: "facing same sex"
          cue: "G holding L hands, B holding R hands"
        from [B], ending in inverted lines

  Fold   Fold
      from waves ... Z formation
      Matrix call concept
      Slush calling (i.e. when to adjust)
      cue: "look 'em in the nose"
           G-Fold "behind the B behind"

  XFold  Cross Fold

  DixiS  Dixie Style to a Wave
      from normal lines
      from 8 chain formation ending in LH tidal wave
      --DTrak  --DixiS  On the Double Track (Single File)
        teach: "side step away from the partner next to you and work in
               the single file column in front of you"
      Boys in the lead
      4LDixiS "to an Alamande Thar"
      teach: "R.PBy, LT1/4 (which feels like T1/2)"
      pre-cue: "put the lady in the lead..."
      cue: "R.PBy, LT1/4 puts the Boys in the middle of a L-H wave"
           "make a L-H wave with the Boys in the middle of it"

  SpChT  Spin Chain Thru
      new ends Circulate on the outside
      new ends U-turn Back (and Circulate)
      from alamo ring
      from thar
      ends clap
      pre-cue: "sqeeze outside hands" esp. from [L.W]

  Tag    Tag the Line (all the way)
  TagI   Tag the Line face In
  TagO   Tag the Line face Out
  TagL   Tag the Line face Left
  TagR   Tag the Line face Right
      ending in [M]
      Tag the Line; Face R, etc.
      omitting the word "Face" e.g. Tag The Line Right

  LTag   Left Tag the Line

  FaceI  Face In
  FaceO  Face Out
  FaceL  Face Left
  FaceR  Face Right
        "face the wall to your R"
      Face the Music / caller
      {designated} Face (each other)
      Face your partner; SldTh with them, etc.
      alternate wording "Turn R" or "1/4 R"
    (turn to) Face {direction} / {designated}
      1/4  (Advanced)

  1/2Tg  1/2 Tag
      immediately followed by Scoot Back
      from LH 2 face Line
      Left 1/2 Tag
      cue: "and we're looking for a wave", "each wave", "find a wave"
           "hit the breaks"  (esp. after lots of flowing choreography)
  L12Tg  Left Half Tag

  Scoot  Scoot Back
      from #1 / #2 waves
      mixed sex 'scooters' - setup by preceeding w/ familiar call T1/4, 1/2Tg, etc.
      centers only from [W] or [F]
      from columns (not Triple Scoot - obsolete Plus)
      sound effects
      1/2 Scoot (Back)
        teach 'leaders' and 'trailers' terms then use in explaination
      [L.W] ("The Hand Of Destiny") "Raise your right hand (should be free).
        Say along with me: I do sollumly swear, NOT to use this hand.
        Now raise left hand.  THIS is the hand of destiny.
      cue: "and the Boys go" or "Girls go in"
           from unusual formations say: "look across" Scoot...

  FanTp  Fan the Top
      from facing couples
      Left Fan the Top from facing couples
      teach: "Drop hands. (New) centers Ca3/4 while (new) ends move up 1/4
             around the Casters, hook on the end to make a new wave"
             "You end with the same person you started with"
             "This call changes the axis of the wave 90 deg"
             "It's like SpTop without the Spin"
      pre-cue: after SHing or T1/4: "get a wave" / "find a wave" / "each wave" / "wave"
               "starts in the middle"
               "centers sqeeze hands"
               from facing couples: "think about a wave"-FanTp
               [TW]: "each wave of 4"-FanTp
               "hang on G"-FanTp
      cue: "centers 3 and the ends move"
           "new centers 3/4 (get a wave)" (RLT)
           "centers hang on, ends up...and a" (RLT)
           "G cast (to get somethin' tidal)"
           "G left 3, the B move up"
           "G left, B up"

  SHing  Single Hinge
      Hinge - use only with a designator e.g. C-Hinge - otherwise be sure to say "single" Hinge
      LHing - by the Left hand Hinge
      "Hinge 1/4"
      cue: "and the centers connect"
           "and we're looking for a wave"
           "Can you give me a wave?"
           "...a wave all the way across"

  Cpl.H  Couples Hinge
      note: "As Couples Hinge" is an Advanced call
      confusion: some hear 'Couple' and think 'Partner Hinge' (an Advanced call)
      pre-cue: "Don't anyone let go"

  Recyc  Recycle
      from tidal waves
      from RH waves
      from LH waves
      easy success from [W]/[L.W] (all arrangements): E-Cir Recyc
      teach: "starts in a wave of 4 - look at the people in your wave"
             "ends keep hands with the centers and start to take a step forward"
             "C-UTurn (toward the ends) A-WhlDl"
             "ends can give the centers gental pressure to get them
              to turn around and give you their other hand, then
              as a couple WhlDl to face the other couple nose to nose"
             "centers will turn a total of 360 deg - a full turn around -
              almost in place"
      cue: "Boys Recyc her"
           [5W]: "Girls be assertive, Recyc HIM!"  --Andy Shore
      zero:  --Recyc  --Sweep  --PsOcn
             --Recyc  --StepW  C-Trd