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Square Dance Teaching Points
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002

Unsorted Ideas

Swing (and highland fling styling for DoSaD) teach 'spotting' - focus on things in the room while you spin to avoid dizzyness
Cpl.C: "like a tractor tread - there's a straight portion and a rounded portion"
  "on successive circulates you go straight-turn-straight-turn"
  "let go of the center hand hold before you circulate"
[2W] LrRun  (introduce this term)
ArchyGrand - some are sahayed
Sp2A1 / Splt2 SepA1
"Ferris Wheel And Deal", Ferris Concept
don't call RLT when teaching SqThr
PasTh not legal from [L.W]/[L.TW]
SwThr - "those who can turn half by the R, those who *meet* turn half by the L"
Cir2L = "Circle To A Line .... break out make a line"
RIGHT WhlAr  (nicer than Reverse WhlAr)
leaders - are the ones who are getting a massage
teach Run from [F]: [5W] B-Run B-Run "again"
Repeat the new call name with every teach
ChDTL "2 ladies chain down the line"
ChDTL: B look down at the other end of your line - that's where you'll be facing after the call
  drop hands. with the one you are facing...
  B use R-H, G use L-H, make an arch
  G duck under the arch, B go wide around the G
  exchange places, but...
  turn only 1/4 turn: B turn R, G turn L 90 deg or 1 wall
  end with that person beside you as your new partner
  it should feel normal... B on the L, G on the R
Swing or Prom makes that girl your new partner
"Which lane are you in?" A8Cir
DPT: drop hands and pass everything with eyes on it in your square  -Andy Shore
Thars: Lefts are arm turns, Rights are Pull-bys
A8Cir hard for some because they can't see all of the formation
Cover SldTh in Basic class  (since it is so often called accidently)
RearB opposite of StepW
LyIMS: "Ladies Center Men Sashay"
Teach: "right into a" for stringing calls together
Square a.k.a "Set"
"All Eight ... Circulate"  "Split ... Circulate"
now Weave means celebrate! - flare only with partner and the one directly across from you
H-FwdBk "play patty-cake" identifies opposite sex opposite
DoPas sounds like DoSaD
WhlDl  teach: "you are facing out now, you'll end facing the wall behind you, looking in"
Alternate wording: 4 Girls Chain  "Chain 'em home"
PtTrd: [S] H-PsThr S-PsThr A-PtTrd
SwThr is 3 or 4 dancers except [AW]
RP.By "forget about 'em"
"Grand" involves everybody
difficult about CtsyT: L-H dancer (usually walking forward) must back up while
  simultaniously maintaining balance and proximity with their partner
practice: StrTh 4X UTurn StrTh
2LChn from lines: "its like two sets of H(or S) couples"
SFGrSqr: have S step out: walk for 3 steps, "turn to face" (your partner)
GrSqr "is kaleidoscopic" fun to view from above
RLT: CtsyT the partner beside you
be sure to point out that Square Dancing is sequential - not like other dancing - plan not to miss any lessons
Star styling for B (not G): pack saddle grip
imagine viewing the square from above
"meet your partner G roll out" Prom
2 person star with partner and corner: L/R hands up palm to palm, walk forward
teach 2LChn: PasTh CtsyT : G-RStar 1/2 CtsyT

Basic Teaching Points

  CirL   Circle Left
  CirR   Circle Right
      CirL "stop, reverse" CirR
      CirL "...CirL, CirL, Circle to the left, CirR (did you catch that?!)"
      from [0L]
      from [0B] (4 person circle)
  4Cir2  4 dancers Circle 1/2
  4Cir1  4 dancers Circle 1/4
  4Cir3  4 dancers Circle 3/4  "circle half and a quarter more"

  FwdBk  Forward and Back
      "up to the middle and back"
      In a circle: "all dance forward up and back"
      variety: "bend it, rock it, eight to the middle and back" -- Anne Uebelacker
      from [LO] "back to the middle and forward"
                "back to the middle and bump your buns"
                "bumpers to bumpers, dance up to the middle and back"

  DoSaD  Do Sa Do / Do Ci Do / Do Si Do
      original french meaning: "back to back"
      after AL in circle
      from facing dancers: H/S from [S], from [B], [L]
      Highland Fling styling  (special considerations after AL in circle)
      to an ocean wave from [B]
      DoSaD Prom
      "doe see"
      DoSaD 1/2, 1-1/2, 1-1/4
      DoSaD StrTh - (use early to get folks used to facing after DoSaD)
      cue: "look 'em in the eye"
           "stay look'n at 'em"

  Swing  Swing
        G's L hand rest on B's shoulder, elbow out - don't trap B's arm
        B's R hand supports the G's back
        pivot point
        back pressure
        simple let the G out vs. twirl the G out
        note that G can end the Swing
      at home
      not the B's partner: "let the G out on your R"
        Swing your corner "let her out on the correct side"
          "you have a new corner"
        Swing your new corner "be sure to let her out on the correct side"
      after 4LPromI "get back and Swing your guy"
      after 4BPromI
      after 4LChn over and back
      Swing AL Swing in singing call

  Prom   Promenade (Home)
      {designated} (couple) Promenade
      after AL: "she turns around, he moves up beside her"
  Pr1/2  Promenade Half Way Around
  Pr3/4  Promenade 3/4
  Pr4/4  Promenade All the way (around)
        By Callerlab definition (East Coast)
  Sw&Pr  Swing and Promenade
      after [0L] SqTh3 (Swing the one beside you)
      from wave

  RolPr  Roll Promenade
      from Thar
      after Do Paso
      from [L.W]
      after ChDTL
      from [L]: --RLT  --FullT  --RolPr
      "B-UTurn if necessary to form normal couple  WhlAr/CtsyT until facing Prom direction  Prom"
      cue: "Boy turn to the Left"

  Pr.SF  Promenade Single File
  SF.Pr  Single File Promenade

  PromI  Promenade Inside
      Other designator (bears, sexy ones, ...)

  AL     Allemande Left
  LA     Left Allemande
      "Allemande (to/on/with) the/your corner"
      "(find) the/your corner Allemande"
      "Go Allemande"
      from circle
        teach: "Turn and face your corner, and say to your corner:
               You're the one I allemande left with" (pause for response)
               "Unless the caller screws up" (pause for response and laughter) -- Doug Sewell 9/24/98
          cue: "Turn your back on your partner"
      after DoSaD in circle
      from [0B], [0T], [L.0W], [0L], [0LO], [L.0R]
      from Alamo Ring
  AR     Allemande Right (no longer on the list)

  RArmT  Right Arm Turn
  TPtrR  Turn your partner by the R (after AL)
      from Alamo ring
  LArmT  Left Arm Turn
      from [L.W]
      from Alamo ring

  RLG    Right and Left Grand
      after Allemande Left
      after Box The Gnat
      from 8 chain formation
        cue: centers side step away from the other center beside you to make a ring
      from waves
        after Swing Thru
        "You already have the R-H."
          R-pull by and STOP.
          Stand butt to butt with your partner - you just did a R pull by with
          Stick out a L-H.
          Think about blending into a big circle.
          Look for that next person with a L-H out for you.
      from facing lines (RLT expected)
      from circle / squared set
      from odd formations
      "Grand 'Ol Right and Left"

  Weave  Weave the Ring
      a no hands RLG
      "Weave" (omit "the ring")
        Text book

  WWGrd  Wrong Way Grand
      Arcy Grand

  RStar  Right-hand Star
  LStar  Left-hand Star
  StarR  Star by the Right
  StarL  Star by the Left
      Star half way (across)
      Star Figures
      alternate wording (With your corner (make a RH) Star,
                         to the same two, etc.)
      Call Star Fig twice for practice

  StarP  Star Promenade
      "with an arm around" StarP
      teach: AL Prom "if the B put their inside hands in a star..."

  PasTh  Pass Thru
      from waves

  Splt2  Split the Outside Two
      Split the Outside Couple
      ...Around 1 (hook on the end) make a line
        Sp2A1 "to the end make a line"
        Sp2A1 "to a line"
      ...Come Down The Middle

  HSash  Half Sashay
      cue: "Don't roll her"
      1/2-HSash  like "put the lady in the lead and nothing else"

  RollA  Roll Away ((with) a Half Sashay)
      CirL  4LRollA
      from Couple (in lines, box, ...)
      from sashayed couple: "Roll *him* away"
      Sashay (full sashay?)
    teach: every B has a G on his R, Roll HER Away With A Half Sashay

  LyIMS  Ladies in and the Men Sashay
      while Circling Right
      Gentlemen Center, The Ladies Sashay
    teach: "Boys jump up and down. Drop hands. Girls step in to the center pause and 'whoop'
            while the Boys continue circling to the very next Boy position. Girl step
            back to end between Boys, join hands and one and continue circling.
            After this call you'll all have one new person beside you and one old person
            on the other side of you.

  UTurn  U-Turn Back
      turning direction rules
      from Promenade

  BkTrk  Back Track

  SepA1  Separate, Around 1
      from [S] + H-PasTh
      from [B] + Splt2
      "squeeze in make lines"
  SepA2  Separate, Around 1
      "hook on the end make lines"
  ComIn  Come In To (Down) The Middle

  CtsyT  Courtesy Turn
      after right pull by
      from 8 chain formation with girls as centers moving forward "(reach out and) CtsyT this G"
      after TrnTh
      after Do Paso

  1/4Mr  And a Quarter More
      ending in [F]
  FullT  A Full Turn
      to face out of box of 4

  2LChn  2 Ladies Chain Across
      {designated} Ladies Chain Across
      {designated} Ladies Chain 3/4 (non-designated. boy has 2 girls)
      {designated} Ladies Chain To The Right/Left
        ..non-designated. ladies Chain to the left/right
      from 8 chain formation
  DTrak  On the double track (single file)
      Diagonal across from facing lines

  4LChn  4 Ladies Chain Across
  4LCh3  4 Ladies Chain 3/4
      To The Right (directly - no star)
      home / to original partner

  ChDTL  Chain Down the Line
      from RH 2 face lines
      from LH Waves

  DoPas  Do Paso
      ending with courtesy turn at home
      ending with Roll Promenade
      without cueing
        DoPas-"you say the montra"
      from [5B]
      used to be called "Do Sa Do" esp. in Texas
      pre-cue: "with L arm to the parner, start a..."
               "find your parner..."
               "...back to your honey..."
      cue: "turn the partner by the L, and the corner by the R"
           "partner by the L, look for the corner by the R"
           "partner by the L, corner, corner, CORNER, by the R"

  LeadR  Lead Right
      "Head couple LeadR face the Side couple nose to nose"
      "LeadR is a sweeping motion"
  LeadL  Lead Left
      from facing lines ending in trade by formation
      from 8 chain formation ending in lines facing out

  RLT    Right and Left Thru
      from Tidal wave
      from parallel waves
      same sex together
      Sashayed Couple
      "turn that G next to you"
      Teach: R.PBy "leaves you back to back" Then take that partner next to
        you and get into prominade position" CtsyT "she walks forward while
        he backs up to turn as a unit to face back in"

  GrSqr  Grand Square
SFGrSqr  Sides Face Grand Square
HFGrSqr  Heads Face Grand Square
      not after {designated} Face (i.e. someone is already facing)
      1/2 (16 Beats)
      8 Beats
      styling variety
      B/G Face GrSqr
      Teach: Sides Face ... 3 rules:
        1 - If you are far away from the one you are facing (like the H), you walk forward
        2 - If you are close to the one you are facing (like the S), you back up
        3 - You will turn 1/4 (90deg / One wall) to face either partner or opposite
        Trace 4 sides of a little square on the floor then reverse it.

  StrTh  Star Thru
      from norml couples facing
      ending in 2 faced lines
      from sashayed couples ending back to back
        Start with "partner" hand, with the person you are facing, make an arch, fingers up (palm to palm)
        Girl goes under the arch, turning left 1/4 turn to face a new wall
        Boy takes a wide path to the right around the girl 1/4 turn to face the same new wall as her
        Both end facing the same new wall
        Adjust to partner handhold after the call
        Makes the person you are/were facing your new partner
        Feels like CalTw but starts with facing dancers and only turns 1/4 turn
        *Always* ends in normal couple - B on the L - G on the R

  Cir2L  Circle to a Line
      [S] after /-LeadR
      always follow with FwdBk "dance up to the middle and back"
      virtually always ends as normal (standard sex arrangement) facing lines
      [B] after RLT
      [S] after /-SqTh4
      traditional styling (dish rag)
      "Slide To A Line" styling
      teach: Couple looking out runs around the couple looking in  --Andy Shore
             Always end with lines facing in
             typically danced: Couple looking in will slide left then slide right
      "Circle up 4 to make 2 lines"
      "Circle up 4 H/S men break to make a line of 4"
      "Circle up 4, bust out and/to make a (brand new) line of 4 and then..."

  BendL  Bend the Line
      from [F], [LO], [L.F], [L]
      from [F] after 1/2.C  (to end at home)
      from [TF]
      from [TL]: "Bend each line of 4" -vs- "Bend the great big line of 8"
      3 times - gimmick

  WlkAC  Walk Around your Corner
      "All Around the Left Hand Lady"
      "Walk all around the corner lady"

  SeSaw  See Saw (your taw)
      after WlkAC
      WlkAC SeSaw AL
      from facing dancers

  SqThr  Square Thru
  SqTh#  Square Thru (#)
  LSqTh  Left Square Thru
  LSqT#  Left Square Thru (#)
      4, 3, 2, 1 (hands)
      3/4, 1/2 (fractionalized)
      "Half Square Thru" cue: "with a R and a L"
      "Square Thru Once and a Half"
      w/o saying number
      from tidal wave
      from parallel waves
      Left Square Thru
      on the nth hand...
        "This call needs 4 people: 2 facing couples"
        "Its like a mini RLG with 4 people - but instead of a circle,
         this is a precise little square"
        "This call combines two actions: Pull-bys and Turns"
        "Each of you will be tracing a square on the floor.
         The 4 of you who'll be working together are now standing on the 4 corners.
         You'll be walking along the sides of the square with a
         polite handshake with each person you meet coming the other way."
        "You always turn each corner to head down the next side of the square,
         staying with the same 4 people."
        "Even though you'll be alternating hands (R, L, R, L),
         you'll always be turning the same inward direction (either R, R, R or L, L, L)"
        "Think of the pull-by as a 'shake hands' - let go when shoulder-to-shoulder"
         (For SqTh4) "think 1 turn 2 turn 3 turn 4 don't turn"  -- Nathan Williams

  CalTw  California Twirl
      from [T]
        Raise the hand with partner, make arch
        Both dancers move forward in a semicircle to take each other's place
        Look at the wall behind you, that is the wall you will be facing
        Girl goes under the arch
        Boy takes a wide path around the girl
        Adjust handhold after the call
        "with the partner beside you"

  DivTh  Dive Thru
      cue: "C arch, A-DivTh"
           (when calling to centers:) "make an arch and DivTh"
      variety: "outsides dive in"

  DontS  Don't stop (Don't slow down) - keep walking
      teach: think about whether you are H or S
             if you are a G think about if the B you are with is a H or S

  WhlAr  Wheel Around
      Heads (from Promenade)
      Sides (from Promenade)
      "head boy and the girl with you WhlAr"
       couple (in lines, box, ...)
      [L.F] Feris  C-WhlAr  "to face the outside couple"
      [LO]  WhlDl  C-WhlAr  "hello outside couple!"

  ALTAT Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
      "AL go Fwd2 men wheel in make an Alamande Thar"
      "...the B swing in, G push!, back up that Thar"
      teach: "men grab the wrist of the man in front of you,
              this is called a pack saddle grip"
      cue: "It's a R pull by with the first(partner), left arm to the next,
            the men swing/back/wheel in make an Alamande Thar(Back-up star),
            back it up boys"
           "It's a R hand pull and a left hand hook"
  MThar  Make an Allemande Thar

  WWThr  Wrong Way Thar

  Shoot  Shoot the Star
      from Thar Another Thar
      --Shoot --Fwd2  --AThar
      --Shoot --FullT
      pre-cue: "Squeeze left arms"
      cue: "It's a left arm turn"

  SlipC  Slip the Clutch
      from waves

  BxGnt  Box the Gnat
      from Waves

  StepW  Step To A(n Ocean) Wave
      Make a Wave
  StpLW  Step To A Left-Hand Ocean Wave

  Alamo  Alamo Style
  ALIAS  Allemande Left in the Alamo Style
      Alamo Ring
      (Alamo) Swing Thru
        Left Swing Thru

  Balnc  Balance

  PsOcn  Pass the Ocean
      from lines facing
        teach idea: StepW  C-Hinge, E-MovUp
        get people into 2-couple setups to introduce this call
        "See your current partner? - You'll meet 'em on the other side,
         and you'll take right hands to make a wave"
        "Remember, Pass The Ocean means PASS through, THEN do the ocean wave stuff"
        Clap hands to prevent grabbing right away
      from 8 chain formation ending in tidal waves
        cue: "Boys are hookers"

  Ext    Extend (the Tag) from [Q] only
      from [QF] bogus but somewhat common
      from [B] bogus but somewhat common
      from sausage ([C]: 1/2.C  VERoll) bogus but somewhat common

  SwThr  Swing Thru
      from facing couples [0B] [0L] [5B]
      [W] after DoSaD
      [TW] cue: "Don't mess around in the middle there girls(boys)"
      from L-H wave
        cue: "starts in the middle!"
             "B start" or "G start", etc.
             for emphasis call "Right SwThr"
      in Alamo wave
        cue: "R and L"
      SwThr 1-1/2 (3 whole parts)
      SwThr "3 hands"
      [5B] BxGnt  SwThr

  LSwTh  Left Swing Thru
      from RH wave
      from facing couples
      in Alamo wave

  Run     Run
  RunR    Run Right
  RunL    Run Left
      Those facing out
      Those facing In
      in Alamo wave
      T-bone: from [S]: H-PasTh C-Run (around the ends who move in)

  XRun   Cross Run

  Trd     Trade
  TrdR   Trade by the R
  TrdL   Trade by the L
      from [W]
      from [TW]
      "Centers with ends Trade"
      from [C]
  LrTrd  Leaders Trade
  PtTrd  Partner Trade
      from [M]: 1st couple PtTrd
      Sashayed Couple
  TrdDL   Trade (Down the Line)
        both facing same direction
        facing opposite directions
      teach: always walking forward, always passing R shoulders
  Cpl.T  Couples Trade
        "As" Couples Trade (Advanced)
          cue: "hang on, drag the whole mess around"
        "Trades are typically done with a person in line with your shoulders,
         never ahead of you or behind you.
         It could be someone right next to you,
         or someone further away from you down the line"
        "Trade means to go take the other person's place, i.e. trade places with them"
        "Trades always change YOUR facing direction 180 degrees.
         It does not matter which way the OTHER person was facing"
        "The wall your butt is facing now is the wall you will be facing after the call."
        "sometimes the person with whom you'll be trading is facing the opposite direction as you
         and sometimes that person is facing the same direction as you"
        "You always start a trade with a small forward motion.
        "It the person you trade with starts facing the opposite direction
         from your initial facing direction, you make a smooth forward arc
         to move from your spot to theirs.
         If the person starts facing the SAME direction as you,
         you will both start by moving forward toward each other and to
         avoid colliding, in square dancing we always pass R shoulders.
         You will pass that person by and take their original spot."
      from [TW]
      from sausage (from [C] after Col.C 1-1/2)

  WhlDl  Wheel and Deal
      2 face lines
        LH 2 face lines
      lines facing out
      lines facing in
      same sex together
      finish Wheel and Deal from as couples extend
      teach: (from [LO]) "The L-H couple takes a step forward.
             Now all start BendL and keep bending an extra qurter,
             R-H couple ends in front, L-H couple sweeps in behind to end
             directly behind the R-H couple."
             think "R-H couples goes in front"
             or think "Left Out" (L-H couples step out and end on the outside)
      cue: "Which couple is on the R? - R-H couple goes in front"
           "That's the small one"
           "To face those 2"

  DPT    Double Pass Thru
      teach: "Pass everyting with eyes on it in your square" -- Andy Shore

  Zoom   Zoom
      [0P], [0M], [5P], [5M]
      [0P] B-Zoom / G-Zoom
      [0M] B-Zoom / G-Zoom
      [1C]/[2C] B-Zoom / G-Zoom
      [L.1C]/[L.2C] B-Zoom / G-Zoom
      [0F] B-Zoom  (E-Zoom)
      [L.0F] G-Zoom
      [F] E-Zoom  (from other arrangements)
      [0W] B-Zoom
      [5W] G-Zoom
      [L.5W] B-Zoom
      [L.0W] G-Zoom
      [W]/[L.W] E-Zoom
      [0D] B-Zoom  (P-Zoom)
      teach: "got one behind the other?" Zoom "now the other one's behind the other"
      {designated} (only) Zoom
        Boys Zoom
        Girls Zoom
        [P] "centers Zoom" controversy
      pre-cue: "Who's in front of whom?"
  1/2Zm  1/2 Zoom
      for compatibility with 3/4 Zoom: Leader: QuarterOut, 1/2-Run, Other-1/2-Run, Roll

  FlutW  Flutter Wheel
    Flutter Wheel
      from [0L] after RLT
      after [L.0F]+BendL
      [0B] ([S]+H-LeadR)
      [5L] (after [L.5F]+BendL) cue "He goes in with the R"
      [S] All 4 Couples
      cue: "She goes"
           "Girl in with the Right (arm). Pick up the other Boy, bring him back"
      [0P] C-FltWh (after [0LO]+WhlDl)
      [1P] C-FltWh  "She goes!"-(gimmick)
      [2P] C-FltWh  "He goes!"-(gimmick)

  RvFlt  Reverse Flutter Wheel
      "Reverse The Flutter"
      cue: "he goes"
           "boy in with the left (arm)"

  Sweep  Sweep 1/4
      after Ferris Wheel: centers Sweep 1/4
      sweeping to the right

  VeerL  Veer Left
  VeerR  Veer Right
      Veer Right/Left back to back from 2 face lines
      from facing lines ending in tidal 2 face line
      from tidal 2 face line ending in lines facing out

  TrdBy  Trade By
      from 3/4 Tag

  T1/4   Touch 1/4
  LT1/4  Left Touch 1/4
      Touch (To A Wave)
      Touch 1/2  (Plus)
      Touch 3/4  (Plus)
      cue: "and the centers connect"
           "and we're looking for a wave"
           "Can you give me a wave?"
           "...a wave all the way across"

  Cpl.C  Couples Circulate
      "move forward and fill the foot prints (take the places) of those in front of you,
        or those around the corner"
      "you want to fill the spots those ahead of you leave behind"
      "2 lane race track - inner lane, outter lane - stay in your lane"
      "like a tractor tread with a flat part and a roundy part"
  Cir     Circulate
      from [F]
      from [W]
  A8Cir  All 8 Circulate
  1/2.C  Half Circulate
  A8Cir 1-1/2  Circulate Once and a Half
      All 8 Circulate
      1/2 Circulate
      teach: "a full circulate takes you to spots those ahead of you left behind"
  Col.C  Column Circulate
      from columns
  SFCir  Single File Circulate
  SpltC  Split Circulate
      from Waves
      from Columns
      meaning Pass Thru (from lines, etc.)
  BxCir  Box Circulate
      points of diamonds

  Feris  Ferris Wheel
      same sex together