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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Square Resolution - Basic
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002
[5B] BxGnt ChgHn AL
[L.0W2p] SwThr SwThr "and" RolPr
[5B1p] A-PasTh "Archy Allemande" Sw&Pr
[0L1p] T1/4 G-Run
[5B1p] = "RLG Box"
stir?? 4LChn SqThr T1/4 G-Run "bow" ??
sequence?: PsOcn SwThr B-Run BendL
[B1c] (SeSaw) LSwTh G-Trd G-Run B-Cir, G-Cir, B-Cir Prom (boys circ to next girl)
Stir: #1-LeadR "with #2" DivTh #2-LeadR "with #3" DivTh ... "with #0" DivTh
[0B] conversion: RLT Cir2L
[1P] G-SqTh3 AL "3/4 'round" RLG
[W] DoSaD AL
[W] SlipC RLG
C-VeerL- VeerR A-VeerR Prom
Thar: UTurn SlipC RLG (= Shoot)
[5F] Feris C-Sweep CirL AL
...DoPas <stirred>
[5L1p] PsOcn 3X RLG
[B1c] PasTh UTurn PasTh RLG
T1/4 G-Run T1/4 G-Run RLG
[5L] PasTh Face "your partner" RLG
[L.Q] AL
[P] C-AL SwThr (C-Trd? / SwThr?) Sw&Pr
[LO] WhlDl C-1/2of- -WhlAr C-WhlDl <at home>
[L1p] LT1/4 (Col.C any number of times) G-Run AL or B-Run RLG
[L] PasTh C-Run AL
LSwTh G-RunL "couples" Prom
[O.L] AL
[2W] B-Run AL
[5W] SlipC RLG
[1L] C-StrTh A-PasTh AL
[TW] RearB "you're home!"
[5L2p] StrTh UTurn RLG
[0F] BendL (H-Twice) Prom
SwThr G-Cir SwThr B-Cir SwThr G-UTurn G-Cir, B-Trd Prom
[B2r] StrTh SqTh2 TrdBy AL
useful?: [B2r] SqTh3 AL (what is relationship?)
(Prom DontS) H-WhlAr PasTh S-WhlAr Cpl.C A-WhlAr PromH
[S] ....CirL 1/2of- RollA StrTh Prom
[0F] G-Cir A-WhlAr PromH
[0P] C-CirL 1/4 <at home>
[0B] RLT C-FullT- Sweep <at home>
[0B] RLT C-1/4Mr C-WhlDl <at home>
[1W] G-Trd AL  -Vic Ceder
[B] Sweep C-Sweep A-StrTh/A-AL/A-RLG/A-BxGnt RLG
[B4r] StrTh "if you want to"-BxGnt PasTh C-PasTh Swing
[0F1p] 1/2Tg G-Run PasTh WhlDl C-PasTh RLG
[F]/[L.F] AL
[5L.W]/[5B] AL FullT RLG
[0L]/[5L] StrTh UTurn RLG
[B] PasTh  RollA  RLG
SwThr  1.5  RLG
Resolve: [5W] 1/2.C  B-Run  BendL <at home>
LSwTh  (LSwTh)  LA
[5W-between-vert-mini-wave] RLG
[M] Zoom  LrTrd  AL
[Lio] C-Run "runners"-StrTh "you're home"
[0W] G-Cir  B-Run  Prom
[0F] BendL  "and if it flows, Bend again"  Prom
[0B] PasTh  A-CalTw  C-FaceI <at home>
[5L] StrTh  A-CalTw  C-FaceI <at home>
[5LO] BendL 1-1/2  bow to Partner and Corner <at home or stir>
From SF.Pr: B-step out and-BkTrk "head the other way back" find partner, pull her by  AL
[L.TL] Grand BendL  H/S-WhlAr  Prom
[1B] G-SqTh3 B reach in and CtsyT to Prom
AL  (if you notice at home) T1/4  B-Run <at home>
! [RH-W] LSwTh 1-1/2  RLG
[0L] StrTh  C-FaceI <at home>
from [F] "face your partner" (AL or RLG)
[B] SqTh3  "meet a partner" L and R Grand (meet her again, start a DoPaS)
[3Q] with S at sides position, H in wave: S-Face, RLG
[P] Centers Start RLG
[2L] C-PsOcn RLG
[L1p] CirL 1/8 <at home>
[L2p] RLT  CtsyT a full turn ... and a little more  Prom
[0L] RollA  "now she's your corner" AL  RLG
RLG  BxGnt  "pull on by"  AL  Sw&Pr
[L.0F] ...Prom  DontS "B think IN toward your left..." B-RolBk "1 girl" Prom "the one behind"
RLG  T1/4  B-Run  CirL
DPT  "she goes L, he goes R" AL
WWGr  StrTh  CirL (or at home resolve)
StrTh w/ the corner
[L.0W] A8Cir  AL
[L.0W] A8Cir 1.5  AL
[5Q] Ext  RLG
[5T] TrdBy  RLG
[5P] DPT  C-Trd  RLG
[1L] E-PasTh  E-(only)-BendL  AL
singing call figure (wich started with H-SqTh4) ... [0W] G-Trd  SwThr  Sw&Pr
RollA  PsOcn  RLG
DPT  G-FaceL, B-FaceR  RLG
Singing call: Instead of last Swing "StakW"
[L.W] (TPtrL) RollP
C-PsOcn  RLG
Resolve at home: [0T] E-Pr1/2  C-...
[L.0W] B-Cir  AL
! [L.0W] SlipC  AL
[B] LT1/4  AL "hang on"
SwThr- 1-1/4 RLG
[L.W] with patner: DoPaS
[0B] B-"reach across shake L-H"-L.PBy  RLG
[S] 4BPromI  StrTh  WWPrm
[L] C-SqTh2, E-AL  RLG  (call quickly)
[5L] E-"do your part"-BendL  <at home / stir>
[5L] A-PasTh "shake hands" RLG
use Pinwheel formation to resolve at home
C-SepA3 AL  gimmick  --Nasser Shukayr  10/23/98
[0W] RearB AL
E-only-BendL RLG
[5L] AL  (gimmick)
[5L] RLG  (nice after BendL, gimmick otherwise)
after AL, if you choose RLG+Prom or Prom, you can guarantee Prom less than 1/2 way.
RLG "but on the 4th hand" AL   (same as on the 3rd hand RLG)
[L.0W] B-RunL "Roll him Away" Prom
if no time for singing call, resolve to RLG but instead say "bow to your partner, and your corner too"
G-XRun Prom
Prom DontS "till you get back home" (get's people to Promenade)
[L.QF] Prom
...Prom  DontS  "if you have your partner"-WhlAr  (may help if you lost track of a few things)
[5B] B-R.PBy  B-UTurn  RLG   --Lee Kopman  3/99
[Lil] AL  (ends, C with L-H)
[3P] RLG
[0W] RearB C-FaceI <home>
from GGBB Alamo Wave with same sex by the L-H: RHing H/S-Trd B-Run Prom "this way"  (might be WW.Pr)
[4P] Zoom RLG
hopeless: 4LCtr-Bk2Bk 4BProm "outside" "find your partner, give her a swing" -Prom
[L.5C] FaceI C-Twice <at home>
[5B] in place of PasTh RLG, use AL --FullT --RLG
WWGrd get-outs
intro night: CirL/R SF.Pr G/B-UTurn AL/Swing (use to progress or not)
[S] C-T1/4 C-"arch" O-DivTh RLG
[S] B-RStar StrPr "B make an arch in the middle and stretch it out high and wide" G-RunR "under the arch - on to the corner" AL
stir/at home: sausage cir 1/2 FaceI BkAwy
C-LSqT2(4) "with a" CtsyT
at home: [0L] StrTh C-Roll = StrTh C-FaceI = StrTh "bow to cnr and ptr"
BxGnt AL
[5B] RLT "who turns who?!" RLG
[5L] BendL 1-1/2 AL
[S] w/ B at the H position: "All 4 Heads Chain"
H-2LCh3 C6FwdBk C6T1/4 Ext "to a column" Col.C
[1B] AL "find the partner" RLG
[B1c] T1/4 G-Run SqTh4 RLG -or- LT1/4 B-Run SqTh4 RLG
[0L] RollA "she's your corner" AL
Cpl.C 1-1/2 4LChDTL <at home>
1R.2-CalTw <at home>
H-T1/4 "Arch, Subst over the S" RLG
C-SqTh2 Pr1/4 "new"-C-SqTh3 AL
C-BxGnt- -SqTh2 S.F.-Pr1/4 "new"-C-SqTh3 AL
S-"face" "grand R and L"
LyIMS "new corner" ALIAS or ALTAT
pairing: [0B] PasTh TrdBy T1/4 A8Cir
t-bone: H-(facing directly)-StrTh A8Cir S-(facing directly)-StrTh A-Prom -Deborah Parnell 7/99
any 1p waves: Sw&Pr
[B2r] SldTh PsOcn B-Cir
[F.C] H-Run AL (or RLG)
[L.W] SwThr AL
SpltC SHing C-Trd ... useful for resolve?
[L2p] RLT FullT Prom  (for those that complain about overflow)
[L2p] PasTh "to your left" A-Prom
[L.TL] "take your partner" Prom
[5W2p] B-Trd, G-XFold RLG
[2W] G-"stand still" B-RunR "outside couple step ahead and"-BendL <at home>
[O.L] 1/2-Cir StakW <at home>
SwThr Twice changes sequence
singing call zero: 2LChn 2LChn "keep and" Prom
[1W] [2W] C-Trd SwThr changes sequence
[W] G-Run JoinH CirL AL
Prom DontS H-WhlAr SqTh3 S-CtsyT Prom
singing call: AL "keep this corner" Prom
H-PasTh formation: AL
G-Run PsOcn RLG
DPT "tap a shoulder" AL
[L.1W]/[L.2W] AL
G-StarL TPtrR FullT AL
[O.L] "I mean it! find your corner" (across the square!) AL  ...

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