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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Singing Call Breaks and Figures - Basic
Rich Reel   19 Jun 2002

For bucket stirs see Get-outs

fig_diy: DPT A-Trd
"4 heart breakers" PromI Swing "the one you left behind"
fig_diy: PsOcn Ext = SqTh2
fig: H-4 RLT StrTh FltWh RvFlt "keep her" Prom
[SS] 4LChn, B-NOW!
singing call w/ long intro: AL Swing CirL
break: ALTAT Shoot FullT R.PBy AL Weave
H-Pr1/2 4 RLT DivTh PasTh Sp2A1 StrTh CalTw Sw&Pr
break: H-4 StarFig AL Weave
break: ...Prom A-UTurn Prom "you're sashayed" G-RollB AL Weave
break: H-2LCh3 SB-"Roll that G away and" A-CirL....  -Vic Ceder
H-Prom "ALL the way" S-SqThr "ALL the way. H go ALL the way!"
H-4 DoSaD SwThr B-Run BendL RLT PsOcn SwThr Sw&Pr
WlkAC DoSaD  -Vic Ceder
?? H-4 DoSaD SwThr B-Run BendL RvFlt Sweep SldTh PasTh Sw&Pr
WlkAC SeSaw 4GPromI Swing AL Weave
(make up your own singing call fig) H-4 DoSaD SwThr B-Run Feris C-PasTh ...
singing call: SqTh3 Sw&Pr = RLT SldTh Sw&Pr
Fig: [S] ... 4BStarR "pass ptr, pass cnr" AL "the next" Sw&Pr
break: WalkAC DoPas B-StarR AL Weave
Fig: H-BxGnt- SqTh4 T1/4 C-Trd B-Run RLT PsOcn A8Cir Sw&Pr
break: ALIAS SwThr Twice TPtrR FullT LSwTh Twice AL Sw&Pr
WlkAC SeSaw B-StarR AL DoSaD AL Weave
break: CirL (16) ALIAS Balnc SwThr Balnc SwThr RLG Prom
? H-4 DoSaD SwThr B-XRun G-Trd G-Run BendL FltWh SldTh Sw&Pr
H-4 DoSaD SwThr B-Hinge Cut.D G-Run BendL FltWh SldTh Sw&Pr
singing call: H-Prom4 = H-Pr1/2- WhlAr- PromH
Fig: H-LeadR Cir2L FwdBk T1/4 Col.C B-Run SwThr B-Trd SwThr G-Trd Sw&Pr
break: 4GPromI 4BPromI Swing AL Weave
break: 4GPromI Swing 4B-"reverse"-PromI AL Weave
C-SqTh3 Sw&Pr = C-PasTh SqTh3 TrdBy Sw&Pr
H-StrTh DPT FLNR FwdBk PasTh WhlDl C-RLT PasTh SwThr B-Trd Sw&Pr
theme: "Do The Bear Thing" [B1c + PasTh] rub each other's back
  like a bear scratches his back on a tree, then UTurn Sw&Pr  -Debora Parnell
theme: [S] "4 bears go prancing around inside" (4BPromI)  -Debora Parnell
H-2LChn S-Pr1/2- -LeadR
H-SqTh4 RStar H-LStar-1/2 A-RStar H-LStar-1/2 Sw&Pr
H-Pr1/2 LeadR DoSaD SwThr B-Run BendL RLT SqTh4 Sw&Pr
[1M] Boys Swing the girl behind you
[2M] B-"do anything you can think of to get her to turn around" Sw&Pr
H-4 DoSaD SwThr G-Cir B-Trd B-Run BendL T1/4 Col.C B-Run Sw&Pr
zero: DoSaD "Sw-i-n-g and Prom!" -Mike Kellogg
H-Pr1/2  H-SqTh4  A-SqTh4 ..?.. A-SqTh3  A-SqTh0  Sw&Pr
H-Pr1/2  RLT  StrTh  Sprd "but keep holding hands  Limbo!"  Zoom  SqTh3  Sw&Pr -Mike DeSisto 3/99
"take 'em into the middle and" SqTh4
"you walk into the middle SqTh count to 4"
SqTh "count to 3, all the way to the corner you see"
SwThr "in the middle of the night"
B-RStar StrPr B-"arch" G-RunR AL
" the middle you SqThr 3 hands around to the corner of the hall
 why don't you Swing that girl, and make her yours, you keep her and you Prom"
4LCtr Bk2Bk B-PromO DoPas SlipC AL Weave
ALTAT Shoot R.PBy AL Weave
H-LeadR DoSaD SwThr B-Run BendL RLT SldTh SqTh3 Sw&Pr
singing call: C-SqTh3 = C-RLT VeerL VeerR
... ALTAT Shoot FullT R.PBy AL Sw&Pr
H-LeadR DoSaD SwThr B-Run BendL RLT SldTh SqTh3 Sw&Pr
H-4 DoSaD SwThr B-Run Feris C-PasTh [zinging call zero]

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