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Undeveloped Square Dance Calling Ideas
Cues/Comments - Basic
Rich Reel   13 Sep 2003
"it looked like more fun the way you did it!"  -Anne Uebelacker
[5F] "boys check your box"
cue: BxGnt "look 'em in the eye"
cue: [L.Q] "look at that center wave" Ext
cue: [0L] RvFlt "B by the L now bring 'er on around"
cue: [0L] FltWh "G by the R now bring him on back"
"she's not yours, what a shame, chain that girl back home again"  (from "Back To Donnegal")
AL "and act surprized!"
Ext "extend yourselves"  -Vic Ceder
"if you start WWGrd with the wrong hand, does that make it right?"
after a lot of cueing: "OR... you could do it that way"
patter fill words: "move-it-on-around and then"  -Anne Uebelacker
DoSaD "(around) we/you go"
DivTh "the arch in the middle"
dancer/caller screw up: "Take a short cut home"
Timing of delivery: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 Ri-ight'n left Graaand  'till... y'MEET'er   (MEET comes on count 1)
[1F]/[2F] "B w/ B, G w/ G" Cpl.C "just like in real life, sometimes it happens that way!"  -Andy Shore
"with your partner make an arch" CalTw
singing call, last fig: "find your honey SCREEM and Swing 'er!"
[B] = "facing couples formation"
"in your column" Cir
RearB "Rock back"
[5L] PsOcn "B hook by the L, G to the end"  -Johnny Preston
cue: B "step forward and" Trd (when once removed, etc.)
"H watch the S watch you" SqThr "somebody SqThr!"  -Andy Finch
[LO] "reverse boggie up to the middle and back"  -Andy Finch
(after several singers with SFGrSqr) "ok, enough SFGrSqr" ... HFGrSqr!
CtsyT "the one beside you"
[0F] WhlDl "to face the couple beside you"
reinforce [L.0F]: "couples" Prom    (LSwTh G-RunL "couples" Prom)
4LPromI "grab the one you want and Swing 'em!"
4LPromI "....inside, back home and Swing 'er, give her a ride"
"to your left" A-WhlAr
If you accidentally call bad flow: "NASTY caller!"
"Thank everybody on the team"
"Should the next singing call be Slow, Fast, or Half-Fast?"
4 "most loving ones" PromI Swing "the ones who need it!"
4LChn "6 ... eighths"
[L1p] RLG "ok, gotta do at least one, weather you need it or not!"
G-Run B-Run "give him the run around"
B-Run B-Run G-Run "around the two-timer"
Square Dance "Fun Shop" (workshop)
[5L] RLT "who turns who? Roll 'who' away with a half sashay"  -Mike DeSisto
"Chain down the lion, Lions roar up the middle and back"  -Mike DeSisto
not quite right: "nope, nope, ... nope, nope, yep!"  -Mike DeSisto
"bow to your partner and the opposite 2" teaches this term
Prom "around with the cutest one in town"
<at home> Prom "one inch"
Prom "go high and wide ... kick it up with the old cow hide"
"Red Light / Green Light": not your turn: "you are spectators this time"
alternate designators:
  * "folks"  (center folks... etc.)
  * "bunch"  (head bunch... etc.)
FlutW / RvFlt: "trade her/him in for someone better"
after 4LProm inside: "swing the one you left behind"
"Sexy" DoSaD
GrSq1/2 to end singing call
sing at the end of singing call: "...Take a little break now."
[Loi] C-Trd  WhlDl
[S] HG-LeadR  Cir 3 to a Line  HB-DoSaD, back away  C6-T1/4
  Col of 6 step ahead make a column of 8
WWGrn cue: "four hands"
Prom "a wrong way home"
[F] WhlDl cue: "to face those two"
Cue for middle of singing call "boys at home, girls across from home"
Call DoSaD-"back-to-back" or "textbook"-DoSaD before calling DoSaD 1-1/2
Gimmick: PsOcn - "Pass The Lotion"
squaring up: "bases loaded yet?"
singing call: 4 B/G go "fool around" inside the ring
singing call: "see your G do a DoSaD"
"B, you are a G ... The operation must have been quick and painless!"
" your partner over there, Promenade around the square"
cue: [L.W] "centers start" SwThr
cue: RLT "he's turning you"
comment: "you have to listen to all the calls, not just the ones you like"
[1P] (all G in the center) have C-FlutW (or similar one-person-leads call) say "she goes!"
cue: RvFlt: "reverse his flutter"
"drop hands" FaceR
Comment: (messed up resolve)  "We seem to be out of sequens"
cue: from same sex together waves [3W],[4W]: "by the R" B-Trd or G-Trd "you're beside yourselves"
A nice introduction: "let's have a nice hand for <the last caller>"
"I really enjoyed calling for you guys"
"Say, bow to the partner and the corner of the hall say WOAAH!  (stop the music at WOAAH!)
"Was that an even number of mistakes?!"
"...and we've got a nice little mess there!"
"lines JUMP up and down" (play on "lines JUMP up to the middle and back")
Shoot "B come out, G go in"
"Bend in - rock it - 8 to the middle this way"
"looks like a wave" (check your wave)
RvFlt "do it B's"
PsOcn "please"
singing call: SqTh3 "to the corner of the hall and Swing your doll"
reason for missing a call: "must've been my accent"
SqThr "Roar"
from [L.Q] Ext  "with the" LSwTh (or LSqTh or LT1/4 etc.)
you-should-know-better type mistake: "bAAAAd dancers. go home."
[LO] "Back to the middle and bump your buns"
missed resolve: H-RLT (FltWh, etc.) "to finish the job"
RLT "turn the pretty ones there"
FlutW+Sweep: "flutter-fludda-fludda...,.sweep a quadda"
if you mess up resolve: (eg) "Head B/G 'cheat' accross"
singing call: "4 best kissers Prom, do what ever you can get away with"
before SpltC ask "where is the split line?"
[S] "Heads zzzup to the middle!"  ("zip up to the middle")
(when music runs out) "feed another nickel"
same sex together Trd
Singing call: 4LChn  "she's not yours  you Chain her back"
if RLG not partner say "do it anyway"  (on the 3rd hand Swing, etc.)
After Prom "and you get to walk home" (called quickly: "an' ya gitta walk home")  --Anne Uebelacker
To the sight square that broke down: "You guys have to do well ('gotta do good'), you're my people"
Identify the Center 6: say "Find the center 6"
B-, G-"cue"
--Twice = "Do it again"
"Ok gang, let's square up!"   --Anne Ubelacker
DoSaD "stay look'n at 'em"
"Woof in to the middle and back"  (FwdBk)
mistake / failed resolve: "I glooped"  --Larry Ward  3/99
failed resolve/stir/etc. "out of zinc" (out of sync)
"Who can we blame that on?! ... the caller!"
AL "your corner guy" DoSaD "your sweety pie"
G-Run "don't let that B turn on you"
"swing your lady go once or twice, swing her well she's mighty nice"
"swing your own - leave mine alone"
"'zipper' up to the middle and back"  --Bill Eyler 5/99
4LCtr Bk2Bk "butt to butt"  (fun for naked tip)
H-SqTh4 S-"appreciate your partner"
(after mixed up singing call) "Bow to your partners"
Alemande LEFT Alemande (singing call filler words)
SwThr "double ... Swing your trouble"
Now!: " it NOW!"
B-Run "around a girl like there's one there" -Dave Wilson
after completing difficult sequence... "it suprised me too"
Using dancer's name: "Jay, you were right"
[P] teach: C-SqTh3/C-PasTh/etc. then SqTh3/PasTh/etc. "in the center"
"looks like a <formation name>"
Why Square Dance?... "meet other dancers - make new friends"
after < 100% success on opening biggie: "now we know where the pilot squares are"
missed a resolve: "blond moment"
6-2 lines: "Oooo... looks like this is the popular side"  -Anne Uebelacker
Square Dance layers that build on each other
..."with a horable yell" ... "that was horable!"
4 "sexy ones" Prom Swing "the modest ones"
"square 3 thru"
"warm up your corner"
"thank you for putting us up - and for putting up with us"
Prom BACK home 1/2 step
Now and later
Add a Sw&Pr in patter for enthusiasm
1/2 Now, the other 1/2 Later  e.g. SwThr, SpTop
GrdSq With 6 couples: Centers face (T-Bone),   v><v  -- Idea from Clark Baker
   Ends move in to make a giant T-Bone square. >  <
   Everyone do what feels right:               >  <
   GrdSq                                       ^><^
Sides Face  Row Your Boat:                           -- Idea from Clark Baker
   Cpl #1 start normal GrdSq (sing "Row Row Row Your Boat"
   After 4 beats, #2 Boy and #4 girl (who are facing each other in
   the next plane away from the caller) start normal GrdSq (sing "Row Row..."
   after 4 beats the #2 Girl and #4 Boy start, after 4 more beats, #3 Cpl
   starts. After each has gone 16 beats from when they started, they reverse
   (this happens after singing the whole phrase). After 16 more beats (one
   more phrase), Stop. The whole call should progress every 4 beats:
   Start, Start, Start, Start, Reverse, Reverse, Reverse, Reverse, Stop,
   Stop, Stop, Stop.
Hug opposite!  (everyone dives into a big pile)
RLG "girls don't move"  /  "boys stand still" RLG
(gimmick) Sides Face "G" "S"  (call a little early to give everyone time to process)
CirR FwdBk Cir to the...<pause>...RIGHT! (LEFT!)
Singing call: Instead of last Swing "StakW"
your choice AL or YelRk
[P] C-SqTh3 (to the corner) RLG "After!" AL! "hand-over hand (etc)"
have dancers stir their own bucket: "Stir right there and we'll do a singer"
if when promenading, one cpl gats ahead of the other, or in a star turn one person gets ahead,
   say: "no points for passing"
"Change Your Status" "Denmark Concept" stay where you are and just change sex
[S] H-LeadR SqTh_"your couple number"
[S] H-FwdBk, SqThr "SIDES!"
[S] 'Even' Couples SqThr, meet the 'Odd' Couples...
Instead of SqTh3: SqTh-"75 ... percent"  -- Andy Shore  11/98
RLG "whirlygig" make each PulBy an ArmTn 1-1/2
GBG lines of 3: "R lady over L lady under" Roll both G Away at the same time
Last singing call of the dance: in place of last break:
  "#1 gent break out, lead a congo line - go anywhere you want - others follow single file"
RLG make each PulBy a FullT
[L] PasTh "NOW!" (surprisingly disorienting)

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